Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 22 Review: “The Chopper”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Back when the very first episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine aired, there was one relationship that stood out among the whole ensemble cast of great characters. This relationship played a large role in hooking viewers and making them want to come back for more. As the show has progressed, we’ve seen almost every possible pairing of these characters, showing just how versatile the show is and leading to some hilarious interactions, but it was Jake and Captain Holt who started it all in the pilot episode. To this day, it’s still a joy when these two characters, who on the surface are polar opposites, have a chance to interact.

Last night’s episode put Jake, Holt, and Charles on a case together that showcased their personalities and the different ways in which these characters interact. In some ways, Holt and Charles each compliment a different side of Jake when you look at how he approaches work. While on the surface Jake seems like he doesn’t take work seriously, a side that Charles speaks to, he actually cares a lot about his job, a side that Holt understands.

When given the opportunity to solve a case that has gone long unsolved and find millions of dollars that had been stolen, Jake doesn’t appear to be taking it seriously. Between insisting on riding in a helicopter, using code names, and, in general, always wanting to stage his cases like they’re straight out of a movie, Jake goofs off a lot. Charles is more than happy to go along with this, encouraging and taking part in Jake’s various hijinks. Holt, on the other hand, doesn’t see any value in this and always remains professional and serious.

Looking deeper into the character though, it’s clear that Jake takes his job just as seriously as Holt does. While the two show it in different ways, they have the same common goal: to solve cases as quickly as possible and put the bad guys behind bars. And last night highlighted that just like Jake can be serious when the moment calls for it, Holt can occasionally cut loose. After realizing that he shouldn’t care so much about what Wuntch thinks, Holt is able to more easily go along with Jake and Charles, even coming up with the most epic of code names. It’s nice to see how these characters have rubbed off on each other over the two seasons, and they continue to be part of what makes the show so great.

Meanwhile, back at the precinct Terry, Amy, Rosa, and Gina went up against a group of preteens who were there for a field trip. While Terry focused on sucking up to the school’s director, hoping to convince her to enroll his daughters, the rest of the group was left to deal with the kids. For someone like Amy, who has always been a go-getter, it’s incredibly difficult to relate to the students. The things she was interested in at that age are not the things that they are interested in, while Gina, on the other hand, speaks preteen like a second language. Instead of using that knowledge to teach the kids about law enforcement though, Gina takes it upon herself to solve the drama of the popular girls at the school.

This left Amy and Rosa alone with the rest of the kids, and when Amy couldn’t catch their interest, she took Rosa’s advice and showed them something she knew they’d be interested in: pictures of dead bodies. Suffice it to say, the school’s director was not too pleased with this development and blamed Terry for it. In the end, it was his coworkers that pointed out to the director that not only was the field trip educational for the kids thanks to Amy, but Gina also managed to help them resolve the drama. All hope wasn’t lost for Terry as, once again, his friends had his back. In their own unique ways, everyone was able to help make the field trip a success, and thankfully, it paid off.

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