The Top Five Britt Robertson Movies of Her Career

The Top Five Britt Robertson Movies of Her Career

So who is Britt Robertson? Well if you have to ask that then you likely haven’t been paying attention and need a refresher. She was a child actor that started out at a local theater when she was 12 years old. From that point she started making trips to LA in order to land auditions so that she could get noticed. It took a while but she finally managed to land a role here and there that got the attention of those that she needed to impress, and her career started to take off. By 2007 when she played opposite of Steve Carell in Dan In Real Life she was finally on her way and was gathering up more roles as the years went by, gaining in popularity and discovering  that her talent was going to carry her further than she’d initially thought.

It’s tough getting noticed in an industry where hundreds to thousands of individuals believe they have spot, but the lucky ones and those with the kind of determination it takes are often those that manage to wend and wind their way through the masses until they get to the spot where they deserve to be. Holding onto that spot however is just as tricky as getting it, as the slope they have ascend to reach their stardom is just as treacherous on the way down as it is going up at times. But to her credit, Britt is in a good spot now and just needs to keep holding on and enjoying the view. Of course, keeping her career going will be a good idea as well, but she seems to have that covered.

5. Scream 4

So the long-running series isn’t exactly at its best with the fourth installment, to be honest it wasn’t at its best with the third, but having your name in the Scream franchise for even a brief moment is enough to claim that you’ve made it somewhere and become a part of pop culture that’s never bound to really go out of style. Even if people watch it once and then put it away Britt can make the claim that she had the dubious honor of being stabbed to death by Ghostface, which is not something that every star can say in their career. It’s a win in some way since it is a well-known franchise.

4. Delivery Man

Ever notice how Vince Vaughn plays a character that either needs to get his life together and is just hopeless throughout a good portion of the movie? When a guy makes a multiple donation at a sperm bank he later on finds out that he’s the biological father of an unheard of number of young people that all want to know where they came from. As unlikely as this is it’s still a touching story of what it can take to make a person really own up to what they’ve done in their life and try to make some sort of difference in the lives of others.

3. The Longest Ride

It can’t be too easy to get together with someone that enjoys a dangerous profession, and bull-riding is one of the most dangerous of all. Add on to that however the fact that some women go nuts for cowboys and it’s an irresistible draw that is still bracketed by the idea that while he is someone that a lot of women swoon over, he’s still bound to get hurt at one point or another. Any woman that can deal with this is undeniably tough both emotionally and mentally since there’s no telling what an animal that weighs in excess of thousands of pounds can do to the man you’re falling in love with.

2. A Dog’s Purpose

There are definitely times when animals seem to know things that humans don’t. The only thing is that they seem to act on them now and again when humans would rather stay the course and not do anything at all. In this way dogs are kind of like kids in that they have that youthful exuberance that just allows them to act and go ahead and do what they feel is right. Maybe more adults should key into this and find a way to express their feelings in a way that’s not awkward but is at least more forthright than a lot of us seem to be at times.

1. Tomorrowland

While the film didn’t do all that great the idea is sound and the warning for humanity is something that we should have grown accustomed to by now. The constant fighting, the tearing apart of the world that never seems to end, and the refusal to find common ground among human beings is the reason why Tomorrowland was founded, to find a way to save the human race even as we continue to destroy ourselves.

Sometimes people don’t like hearing the truth when they want to be entertained.

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