Breaking Down The “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Trailer

Breaking Down The “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Trailer

The Star Wars franchise has been unstoppable ever since 2015’s The Force Awakens woke up the hibernating Star Wars geek in us all. The latest in the line of films is a Han Solo special, and we were ecstatic at the release of the first trailer last Sunday. Solo: A Star Wars Story takes us back to the younger days of one of the most beloved characters of the film series. We also see the beginning of his relationship with copilot Chewbacca. It’s a story full of daring adventures, as we could only expect from the rugged and unlikely hero.

In the beginning of the trailer, we see Solo, played by Alden Ehrenreich, going at it with one masked and costumed character. Some sources say that this female character is known as Enyfs Nest. She leads the Cloud-Riders, a bike-using, absolutely badass criminal gang from the Expanded Universe. Being leader of the band, we know that Enyfs Nest is badass herself, but we see Solo take her on easily.

The next scenes show Solo with Qi’ra. Qi’ra, as played by Emilia Clarke, is supposed to be Solo’s best childhood friend. We see the two reunited as adults, and we think that something might be sparking there. We’ll see Qi’ra again later on after this reunion, but we believe Qi’ra’s character might either join the dark side by betraying her friend, or she might simply die at some point (maybe while helping her friend out).

Enter the great Woody Harrelson, who plays Tobias Beckett in the film. Beckett is that improbable mentor that ultimately sends Solo and Chewbacca towards a long future of fighting for the good side. Or something like that. The lines are always blurred when it comes to Star Wars, but at least we know that in this film, there’s a big bad guy that Beckett is seeking out to take on. This big bad guy is big shot gangster Paul Bettany or rather his character Dryden Vos. We assume that Vos owns the Conveyex that Beckett is planning on robbing.

So Qi’ra offers to help the group, and then Solo receives his iconic blaster. Next thing we know, they’re all on their way to actually rob the Conveyex. But the group stops along the way to be introduced to Lando Calrissian by Qi’ra. Lando is played by none other than the talented Donald Glover.

Before we know it, the trailer shows us Solo and Chewbacca piloting through the Kessel Run. This is when we also find out how old Chewbacca was at the time (he’s old). Chewbacca can be seen saying goodbye to someone, but we’re not entirely sure who it was. All these lead us to a parade of violence as the trailer ends. Everyone–Solo, Vos, Chewbacca, and Lando–can all be seen doing their thing and exclaiming just how good it is to be right where they were. We’re getting good feelings as well and simultaneously looking forward to the May 25th premiere date.

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