Breaking Down Each of the Races in Tera

Breaking Down Each of the Races in Tera

Breaking Down Each of the Races in Tera

The Exiled Realm of Arborea, better known as TERA, is what’s referred to as a MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing game. TERA has typical features like any MMORPG game, such as player vs player action, crafting, question, and, of course, fighting. Combat in the game incorporates third-person camera view for real-time battle. Players may choose a character from one of the seven races. TERA has a world full of people with unusual histories and a variety of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in commom: they all fight for the Valkyon Federation. However, each different race has its own set of special and unique skills, or “racial traits”, giving them specific advantages, albeit minor ones. In addition, each race also has unique animations of their own, made especially for their own class-specific skills. The following is a list of these unique characters, breaking down each of the races in TERA. Continue reading to learn more about these MMORPG characters.


The Aman is the first Race in TERA we’ll discuss. Taking after their predecessors in both appearance and strength, the Aman are humanoid descendants of dragons. They enjoy warring and have waged war against their neighbors since the beginning of existence. However, when their creator Amarune died, they lost their fight to the Republic of Giants, becoming enslaved to them.

There they became pawns of war, controlled with seals, and sent to fight on the Giants’ behalf. Finally, a young warrior, Daban, couldn’t take it anymore and lit himself on fire, sacrificing himself for the greater good. The deity Kaia took pity and destroyed the seals which controlled the Aman. The newly freed Aman then fought the Giants, winning their freedom, which has now made them to be viciously protective of liberty and freedom.


Next is Baraka, another one of the Races in TERA. They are related to the Giants. They are the keepers of profound knowledge, harboring considerable libraries, as well as being strong. They believe that balance of one’s mind and body is important and train that way.

When the Giants were taking over the world, this race fractured off from the Republic. They had chosen to pursue instead a more peaceful path, that of knowledge. When the gods destroyed the Giants because of their greed on the Day of Flame, the Baraka were spared. Now they’re acknowledged by all races, but the Aman, because of their past of forced enslavement by the Giants, are still a bit leery of the Baraka.


The Castanic is another of the TERA’s Races. The Castanic are very smart and skillful, mainly made up of artisans, merchants, and craftsmen. Unfortunately, they are quite fast to anger and also opportunistic, but the are also extremely loyal. The female Castanic are only one of two classes who may access Gunner class. (The other is the female High Elves.)

This race were the children of Zuras, a goddess, and were originally called devas. They served Lok until he died after being gifted to him by Balder after the war. However, after being tricked into making an artifact which killed Balder, their beloved god, most Castanics turned from gods completely. Furthermore, some were seduced by promises of power made by Lakan, following the evil god who’s intent on bringing back their bloody, ancient name of devas.


Next is the Elin. Child-like in appearance, they are actually quite serious and dark, with a sense of humor which drifts into viciousness. Their strange mannerisms can at times be very off-putting to some of the other races, making them one of the least loved races by most. However, it is of the utmost important to the Elin for their to be harmony within their environment.

They are the children of Elinu, a goddess, and they personify peace and beauty. The Elin and the Popori share a common mission, united under a single Elin queen to preserve the world.


The High Elf is yet another of TERA’s races. These humanoids are slender and tall, have pointed ears, and are very gifted with a variety of magic. However, they are often mistrusted due to their history of warring. Female High Elves are only one of two classes who may access the Gunner class. As mention above, the other are female Castanics.

At one time the High Elf race lived completely intertwined with nature as god-revering people. However, the destruction of their civilization by those they called the immortals led them to forever and drastically change. Afterwards, they become a race who conquered and won battles; for three thousand years, they won every battle until they declared war on humanity. The humans were joined by several other races in opposition to the High Elves, coming together in order to break the High Elves’ long tradition of victories.

Now, the High Elves strive to move forward by investing themselves in the Federation and its well-being.


Another on of the Races in TERA is the Human Race. After being neglected by their creator, the Humans were left to wander the universe. They learned what they could from each of the other races, becoming Jacks of all trades.

The Humans were created by the Gidd, a god, who turned his back on them when they asked for a homeland, cursing them to forever wander. However, even though they were forsaken, they persevered, making it through tough times and hardships. The goddess Velik took pity upon them once the Divine War was over, giving them the city of wheels, a homeland they could call their own.

The Human Race is respected by all the other races for their part in creating the Valkyron Federation.


The last Race in TERA to discuss is the Popori. Considered to be beast people, they are small in stature and resemble raccoons. They are cunning, curious, and quick to judge.

Back when Elinu created the Elin for mending their broken world, they found the work to be too much. Awakening the sentience of animals, they created the Porpori. The now work with the Elin and are united until the Elin queen. They are engrossed in their job of preserving nature.

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