Breaking Down the First Full Trailer for Marvel’s “Black Panther”

Early in 2018 a movie is coming that is going attempt to redefine the superhero genre, and it is going to do so in a big way. The Black Panther was the first ever African-American superhero and as a character he’s been absolutely awesome since his inception. Strong, quick, agile, and relentless enough to take on stronger and bigger opponents, Black Panther has proven that he’s a force to be reckoned with and is worthy of his own movie thanks to a very rich and compelling back story. As one of the few comic characters that can actually claim to be royalty he comes from a very affluent background, and yet he is a very down to earth character that resonates with many people on a very personal level. Here are a few things you might have noticed in the trailer thus far.

He’s not yet sure of himself and where his place is in the world.

Remember that in Avengers: Civil War that his father was killed and as a result he had to become king. That’s a lot of pressure to put on anyone, even a fictional character. T’Challa has already been granted the power of the Black Panther, but he’s no doubt still coming to terms with the idea of ruling an entire kingdom that few people know about. That brings us to the next point.

The fictional country of Wakanda is far and away more advanced than any other place on earth.

In another trailer you can hear the SHIELD agent stating that Wakanda is a third-world country, meaning it’s impoverished and essentially nowhere close to matching an industrialized nation. What the mercenary he’s questioning replies with, after chuckling, is that this is just a front for the true nation. Wakanda appears as a peaceful, technologically superior city that seems to be fairly well-run and has few if any of the problems that plague other cities.

There is another Black Panther.

Granted that’s probably not his title, but Michael B. Jordan seems to have his own suit of armor much like T’Challa’s that can possibly match the Black Panther in combat. That should be an awesome matchup to watch and possibly something a little more evenly matched than the fight that T’Challa had against Captain America. Let’s face it, despite being quick and strong and knowing how to fight, T’Challa couldn’t match Captain America for strength and multiple styles.

Andy Serkis’s role is going to be a bit more important in this movie.

As famous and as skilled an actor as he is you usually want to see Andy Serkis being used more in a film. In Avengers: Age of Ultron he was almost there and then gone as his part was kind of a secondary thing. His place in this movie however seems to be a little more pronounced so hopefully he’ll be around for a little longer.

Yes, that IS Danai Gurira in the trailer.

If you don’t recognize the name then think about Michonne from The Walking Dead. That is the same woman and it looks like she’s going to be all kinds of tough throughout the movie. You wouldn’t think that character like the Black Panther would need bodyguards, but as a king, and without his suit, it seems to be mandatory. So yes, she is there, and she looks like she can dish it out.

This movie looks like it’s going to be off the hook and more than worth seeing.

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