10 Things You Didn’t Know about Brandon P. Bell

Carving out a path in the entertainment industry isn’t an easy thing to do, and this is something Brandon P. Bell has learned through his own experiences. Despite all of the obstacles that he’s encountered along the way, Brandon has always refused to give up. His combination of hard work, talent, and perseverance has resulted in him finding lots of success over the years. Brandon got his first big break when he was cast as Jake Madsen in Hollywood Heights. Just two years later he would get another major opportunity when he was cast in the 2014 film Dear White People. Brandon would reprise his role in the film in the subsequent Netflix series of the same name.

As Dear White People fears up for its fourth and final season, Brandon sad about leaving the character behind, but he’s looking forward to what the future has in store for him. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Brandon P. Bell.

1. He’s A Dallas Native

Brandon was born and raised in the Dallas area although he has never shared much information about his upbringing or what inspired him to get into acting. Although Dallas is a great city with a lot of things to offer, it isn’t the best place to pursue a professional acting career. Brandon eventually decided to relocate to the Los Angeles area.

2. He’s A Writer And Producer

Acting isn’t the only creative skill that Brandon wants to share with the world. In recent years, he has also been exploring what things are like on the other side of the camera. He has written and produced two short film projects, Oneironaut and Messy, and he will likely do more in the future.

3. He’s A Talented Soccer Player

Brandon’s life is all about acting now, but that wasn’t always the case. Soccer was a very big part of his life for many years and his talent on the field led him to win a USA Cup Gold Medal. Brandon may no longer play soccer competitively, but that hasn’t stopped him from staying active.

4. He Supports Activism

Some people in the entertainment industry are hesitant to take a stance on certain issues out of fear that it could hurt their career, but that’s not the way Brandon operates. He has no problem using his platform to highlight the things that are important to him. He has consistently spoken out in defense of the fight to end racism and police brutality.

5. He’s A Formally Trained Actor

Once Brandon decided that acting was what he wanted to do, he dedicated everything he had to it. Brandon attended the University of Southern California on a scholarship. In addition to Brandon, the school boasts a long list of notable alumni including LeVar Burton, Ryan Eggold, and Forest Whitaker.

6. He Is A Very Adventurous Person

Brandon is a very adventurous person and he’s always looking to have fun new experiences. He loves to travel and has been fortunate to be able to do it often. Some of the places he’s visited include Vietnam, Costa Rica, and France. In addition to traveling, Brandon also likes to express his adventurous side by doing things like boating and sky diving.

7. Reprising His Role In Dear White People Was A Bit Challenging

Many people would probably assume that that playing the same role twice would be easy. However, in Brandon’s experience, it required a different kind of preparation. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Brandon said, “Although you kind of naturally fall into a rhythm, at the same time, it’s a little different. It’s nuanced in its own way…Although I know Troy, we get to further explore who he is. And so that was really fun and unique.”

8. He’s An Amateur Photographer

If there’s one thing Brandon likes to always have on his adventures, it’s a camera. After all, what better way to make the most of a memory than to capture it forever. That said, Brandon enjoys taking pictures and he’s truly a natural at it. He’s shared some of the photos he’s taken on Instagram.

9. He Loves To Read

Brandon’s days as a traditional student may be over, but that doesn’t mean that he’s done learning. He’s always looking for ways to soak up new information and reading has become one of his favorite ways to do that. He reads a variety of books and often makes recommendations to his followers.

10. He Plays The Violin

The COVID-19 pandemic left lots of people people with more time on their hands than they knew what to do with. Brandon, like many people, decided to use this time to pick up a new hobby. He recently started playing the violin although it’s unclear exactly when he began learning.

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