Why We Don’t Really Believe Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s Breakup was Amicable

When it comes to who said what and why in celebrity circles it’s usually wise to bring along a lot of salt in case you’ve got to start taking everything that’s said with a big grain of salt here and there. In this manner it seem that you’d likely go through a container or more on an average day. But when it comes to the idea that the divorce between Anna Faris and Chris Pratt was entirely amicable, or has stayed that way, then it might pay to keep an extra ear open just in case. As a lot of people know the couple split up in December back in 2017 and seemed to take the split fairly well as they ended eight years of marriage on a decent note that didn’t seem to see either of them sniping at one another or even appearing to have any ill feelings. This does happen from time to time since couples simply come to realize that the marriage isn’t working and will gladly dissolve it but remain friendly at the same time. When there are kids involved a lot of couples will even come to an agreement that they’ll keep in regular contact to maintain the mental and emotional well-being of their kids, which Pratt and Faris did.

But the trouble started to crop up when Pratt, who’d been dating Katherine Schwarzenegger, proposed to her after only 7 months of being together. Faris had also moved on and found a boyfriend, though he hasn’t proposed to her, and one might think that she’d be openly happy for her ex and think that whatever she had to say might be welcome so long as it’s positive. But a source, and it’s not or certain who, seems to indicate that Faris managed to blurt out that Chris and Katherine won’t last, and as a result she’s no longer invited to the wedding. One might think that’s a sudden douse of reality that a lot of people would take as an insult without question, and it could be that this is exactly what Katherine had in mind. But then again, how many people really attend the wedding of their ex spouse? It would make a lot of sense since she and Chris have apparently been friendly towards one another, but it still seems like an awkward thing to happen at anyone’s wedding.

Your ex is your ex for a reason after all, and there’s no need to dredge up any unwanted feelings or emotions by having them attend what’s supposed to be a happy and fun-filled day. But it would appear that Katherine is no longer taking that risk since Anna is no longer on the guest list it sounds like. That might come to a shock to her or it might not, but if there’s any truth to it then it’s a clear message that Anna simply isn’t welcome during their special day and might not even be welcome in any other capacity save for that of mother to her and Chris’ child. That however could make things a bit difficult for Katherine since she and Chris will be sharing their lives and therefore have custody of his child from time to time. If Anna wanted to be vindictive in any way she could make life rather hard for both of them as some mothers have been known to enforce certain stipulations on what a stepmother can and can’t do when it comes to taking care of a child.

That seems like it might be taking petty to a new extreme, but in the celebrity world there are a great many ways that pettiness seems to come about and this is just one of them that could be a possibility at some point down the road. Hopefully nothing comes of it, and hopefully bridges are mended before they’re completely burned away, but the offhanded comment that someone heard Anna giving voice to is something that many couples don’t enjoy and do not appreciate in the least, particularly when they’re about to tie the knot.

Seven months does seem like a short amount of time to really get to know someone if a person is being honest, but in a world where now have shows such as Love At First Sight and shows in which people are married after 90 days, 7 months is a lifetime. Some people feel that Pratt may be jumping the gun, and it almost sounds as though Anna does as well, but the truth of it is that when it comes right down to who has the final say on what happens, it’s not Anna. Chris and Katherine are the ones that will decide if they want to get married or not, and if it will work or not. Hopefully Chris and Anna can sort this little snafu out.

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