The Boss Baby is Back as a New Netflix TV Series

The Boss Baby is Back as a New Netflix TV Series

It seems like people liked Boss Baby enough that it’s been brought back as a TV series on Netflix. That’s not the worst news anyone could hear but it does make some people wonder just what’s going to happen in the series that will bridge the original movie to the sequel that’s been given the green light for 2021. It’s been reported that Alec Baldwin will be taking up the voice of the baby in the suit once more when the sequel comes out which means that the rest of the cast should be back as well. While it might take a few years to come out one can assume that the series is going to be doing everything to continue to build and hold the fan base until that time.

The only issue seems to be that fans can be kind of fickle if nothing new comes their way throughout such a gap. Their interest in something usually lies in how great it was in the initial run, while a TV series is typically something that comes and goes based upon how engaging it remains and how much it continues to build between the original and the sequel. If things aren’t kept flowing as usual then it’s very possible that no one will care about the sequel when it comes out. That’s hopefully not the case since Boss Baby seemed to do better than many people expected, but it’s always a possibility. It’s hard to know the average of how long it takes a show to be axed or loved when it comes to series, but with Boss Baby it seems as though the kids will be the deciding factor. Parents of course have come to love the movie and will possibly like the show, but in this case it kind of depends on the younger crowd.

The reason behind this is because it’s the kids that watch the movie more often than not. While adults do enjoy kid movies pretty regularly in this country they still don’t make up a big enough number of viewers that will determine just whether it stays or goes. The kids that watch it now will be growing up just a little more by the time the sequel comes out and could have already moved on from the idea of Boss Baby by 2021. It’s not too hard to imagine since a lot of us can possibly remember cartoons and movies that we thought we would always love but haven’t really thought about in many years until we see them online somewhere and get a bit nostalgic. That’s the trend that many cartoons and kid movies take, they become things that we remember fondly from our childhood but don’t last much longer than that. That is perhaps the only reason why Boss Baby wouldn’t be able to claim the notoriety as a series as it has as a movie. But if this belief is wrong it might be that the sequel could be just as popular.

We won’t really know until 2021.

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