The Bold and the Beautiful: Thorne Enlists Rick’s Help

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are very well aware of the fact that Thorne is not happy about the fact his brother is now getting married to the woman he wants to be with. And still, no one seems to care that Bill isn’t even at all upset that his wife has left him, asked for a divorce, and has re-committed herself to the man she left for Bill. Really? No one? Anyway, we’ve come to the realization that there is a lot going on here, and we know that Thorne and Rick want to get Ridge right out of the family business.

They are going to work together to see if they can get him out of it, too, and they will also see if they can get Brooke to take back her yes to Ridge and offer it to Thorne. He’s marry her, and he has no idea why she’d rather have a man she’s been with a hundred times before who could never quite live up to making her happy or doing anything even right to her.

So they will plot and work together to make sure this engagement does not end in marriage, and they will also work together to ensure that he is not able to stay in the family business. We don’t know at all what they are doing or how they will do it, but they do know that they have to find something they can to make it possible. And they will.

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