The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Why Does Zende Want a Baby So Badly?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Why Does Zende Want a Baby So Badly?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know that Nicole and Zende are newlyweds in the middle of a lovely new relationship, but they aren’t the only ones. There are several newlyweds in this show, and they all want to do the baby thing. We are focusing on Zende and Nicole right now, though. Remember when Nicole decided she wanted to do the surrogacy thing for her family to help them have a child of their own? Zende hated the idea. He didn’t want her to become  pregnant and not enjoy her life with him. He was so against the idea she did it anyway and they broke up — two times. It was horrible for their relationship, and it gave them a chance to see how things might work out with them if they were to go as they were. They weren’t good, and now things are changing.

The finally got married, they’re finally happy, and Zende is about to make a suggestion that sends Nicole’s eyebrows into the top of her head. He wants a baby. All that fighting and breaking up when she was a surrogate for Rick and Maya and now he wants them to have a baby of their own? Is this a good idea? To say that Nicole is stunned is an understatement. She’s shocked by the news, and she’s not sure what to think. She never told Zende that she was so upset to give the baby away, even though it wasn’t hers. But she wants a baby. They’re trying right now.

Unfortunately, we think there might be some issues for them getting pregnant, and it’s going to bring out the ugly side of both of them. When she can’t get pregnant, Zende will be angry. This might cause her to wonder what his issue is. Someone who was so against kids who now wants to have them right now right away and is upset when she doesn’t get pregnant immediately seems suspicious to her. Will she question his motives? What’s up with him suddenly wanting this more than anything when he was so recently against it in every manner? Is there something else going on? We think there might be something else that is happening here.

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