The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Someone Catches Ridge and Quinn Together

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Someone Catches Ridge and Quinn Together

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate things are heating up on Friday. Ridge and Quinn have been doing their best work to avoid one another, because it’s the only way they can avoid the sexual tension in the air between them. They can’t seem to get it together when they are together, so they assume not being in the same room as one another is the best course of action. Brooke and Ridge are happily engaged, or so Brooke thinks, and she has no idea what’s going on with her husband-to-be and Quinn. In fact, she’s so worried about hurting Quinn she has no actual idea it’s really Quinn hurting her.

She’s already told Eric that her sister has a massive crush on him, and she’s thinking she’s hurting Quinn by planting seeds in Eric’s mind about Katie. What Brooke fails to realize is she’s just hurting herself. By telling on Katie, she’s hurting her sister. By making sure that Eric thinks Quinn is awful, she’s only hurting herself. The more Quinn and Eric argue and drift apart, the more Quinn with turn to Brooke’s fiancé, which only hurts Brooke. You see how that one works out for Brooke?  She cannot win in any situation, because someone she loves dearly is going to end up hurt thanks to her meddling and her big mouth.

At the moment, Bill is the one most concerned about Brooke and Ridge. He doesn’t want her to marry him, but he lost his chance. She threatened her relationship with her sister when she admitting her feelings for Bill, and now he’s divorced and infringing upon Brooke’s impending marriage. There is so much tension here that no one can see straight. This is one group that needs to do some serious soul-searching before they can get their stuff together long enough to move on. We also hear that Ivy is going to catch Quinn and Ridge in a passionate embrace where there is some kissing going on. Will she use that to her advantage, or will she make sure everyone knows right away?

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