The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn is Terrified of Katie

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn is Terrified of Katie

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are so good these days. Quinn has always been the most questionable woman in LA, but it turns out Katie is really giving her a run for her money. Yesterday when we brought you BB spoilers we just couldn’t figure out what on earth had Quinn so worried about Katie. She’s been in more precarious situations in her life to be this worried about Katie, and she’s capable of doing horrible things to people for sport.

But that’s the problem. She’s always been the most questionable person around making the worst decisions and being the most terrifying person to cross, but now it seems that Katie has decided to try out a little Quinn-like personality and it’s not cool with Quinn. She’s terrified because this is exactly how she’s been so many times. She knows what is going on in Katie’s mind, and that’s what terrifies her.

She’s not just a little worried — she’s actually afraid for her life, and we think it’s for a good reason. She needs to be afraid. Katie is done. She’s lost her mind, and she’s done with Quinn always getting precisely what she wants despite being a horrible person who does horrible things to people like it’s her job. This is enough to make Quinn shake in her boots, and it’s a little bit fun to watch her worry like this. It’s like karma has made its way into her life once and for all.

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