The Best Bold and the Beautiful Friendships

The Best Bold and the Beautiful Friendships

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are all about getting their lives together with a bit of friendship, and we love that. The problem with this show is that there aren’t as many good friends as you might expect in other soaps. But B&B is different than other soaps. This is not a line of people who get along well because they are continuously stealing the significant others of one another and making sure they all get what they want in terms of their friendships. They don’t really stay friends for a long time because they are all sleeping together and stealing boyfriends and girlfriends. Even the closest of friends aren’t that close around here, and we have to pick our favorite friendships out of a sheer mess.

Bill and Justin

Of all the people in this show, it’s these two who are the closest, best friends. They love one another. They have a lot to offer one another, and they are good friends. They are good friends because they work so hard to make sure they get what they want. These two are good friends for a very simple reason. Bill pays Justin to be his good friend.

Now, don’t get too upset. We think that Bill does like Justin and Justin does like Bill, but he might not understand his friend. He’s paid to do what Bill asks him to do, and he’s paid to keep quiet about all of it. He will lose his license if he opens his mouth about all of it, and it makes a problem situation turn bigger. Justin is legally bound to be Bill’s good friend, and that’s why Bill talks to him and opens up to him so much.

Bill likes that. He doesn’t seem like the kind of man who wants real friends, anyway. He’s the kind of man who wants to own everyone he knows, everyone in his life, and everyone in between. He’s a man who wants to get what he wants, and he is the kind of man who will do anything and everything it takes to make sure his life turns out the way it’s meant to turn out. He likes to own people, and owning his friends is a good way for him to feel like a man. And that works for this pair.

Hope and Brooke

Our other favorite besties also have a non-traditional relationship in terms of their friendship. For one, Brooke is Hope’s mother, and she will do anything for her daughter. Even the time she accidentally slept with Brooke’s boyfriend thinking it was Ridge because of a costume mistake wasn’t enough to keep these two from being the best of friends. Hope might not always agree with her mother and what she ways, but she is always respectful of her mother and their friendship. She’s someone who cannot get away from what is going on in their lives, and she is someone who will do anything and everything to protect her daughter.

Hope is not someone who has friends because she’s too nice in this city. She’s friendly with Steffy, but that’s something we can’t even really call a friendly friendship. Steffy is a girl who spent most of her life trying to take any and everything that Hope had, and it’s been a mess. They’ve come to some kind of agreement — it seems — now that Steffy decided she no longer want Liam and the mess that is his life, and that works for us.

Their friendship is interesting, but they might be the best of friends at this moment. They might be the best of friends because they don’t have any other choice. Hope doesn’t make friends easily in this city and Brooke isn’t someone you can trust around your husband. She takes men from her daughter, her sisters, her other daughter, her friends, and she’s not someone you want to have over for dinner in this mess. She’s a bad friend, but she’s a great mom in terms of wanting to protect her daughter. Is she always right? No, she’s not. She’s not even close to always right, but she’s there.

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