The Bold and the Beautiful: Does Ridge Attack Katie?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tell us Katie is in danger. We already mentioned that she has every single intention of letting Eric know that his wife is sleeping with his son, but there is something else. She’s not telling him right now. She’s making sure she’s able to blackmail Quinn, threaten her, and make her do whatever Katie wants her to do. For the first time in her life, we see Katie doing something that makes her a bit more powerful and interesting, and she’s going to make sure she gets what she wants from this woman. It’s entertaining to us that she has a chance to get what she wants and blackmail someone since she’s usually the victim in everyone else’s plot, but things might get messy.

Quinn is now terrified of Katie, so she’s going to tell on her. She’s going to tell Ridge, and Ridge won’t like it. He knows Katie well. They had their time together long ago, he’s been with her sister more than once, and they’re related through their kids these days. Now it’s all about Ridge doing whatever he can to protect Quinn. He’s going to confront Katie and tell her that this has nothing to do with Quinn and that Katie needs to leave her alone. Unfortunately for Ridge, Katie tends to disagree. She believes that this has everything to do with Quinn. She made her choices and now she’s paying for him.

Ridge will be very angry with Katie, and he’s going to tell her he has no plan to sit back and allow her to do this to Quinn. He tells her to take out her anger on him, but Katie doesn’t care what Ridge does. She’s always know him to be a pig, and she doesn’t care that he’s not changed at all. She cares about hurting Quinn. She’s confident in her newfound power, and it’s going to backfire. We hear that Ridge is going to be so upset with Katie he will lose his temper and something awful is going to happen to Katie. Will he kill her?

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