The Bold and the Beautiful: Katie and Wyatt’s Similar Stories

The Bold and the Beautiful: Katie and Wyatt’s Similar Stories

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are thinking the same thing — and we have to bring it up. Wyatt and Katie are together. They have very similar backgrounds, and they have a lot in common because of what has happened to them romantically. For one, Wyatt was married to Steffy and absolutely the happiest person to ever live until his mother released Liam, his brother, and he came back into Steffy’s life and wanted her back. They ended up divorced, and now his ex-wife is married to his brother. Again.

And Katie and Bill were happily married for a long time until her sister showed up. When Brooke came back into the picture, he decided he had to have her. He couldn’t spend any more time with his wife while he had this to go on, and now things are different. He’s married to her sister now. They both lost their spouse to their siblings, and that’s not something you see every single day.

Does this mean they might just stand a chance? They both know how it feels and what it’s like, and maybe that means they’ll do whatever they can to make their own relationship work. It could be a sign they deserve more than they have, and that might just mean a few things are going to happen for them that are good but probably not overly expected. It’s been a very long road for both, and we can’t wait to see how this shakes down for them.

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