The Bold and the Beautiful: Caroline Wants Thomas Back

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are going to see Caroline try very hard to work her magic on Thomas today. We didn’t think for a second she would not follow him from New York back home knowing that he’s not interested in her and wants a second chance with Sally. They have a baby together, and she wants him all for herself. She’s not in the market to let him change his mind about the things they have going on in their lives, and she’s working very hard to make sure they get what they can out of this situation.

She’s not about to let him go, and she’s going to tell anyone who will listen how upset she is with her uncle Bill. She’s going to make it seem like all the lies she told were because of him and her feeling of being unable to really say no to him. We all know this is nothing short of a serious lie, but she’s looking to get him back.

She wants to have him all to herself, and she will not stop until she gets Thomas away from Sally for good. She’s a mean woman with an agenda, but it seems that she doesn’t have all that many people in her corner right now. She might need to try a lot harder before she can get him to believe that she didn’t do this of her own accord as a way of tricking him into coming home.

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