Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Fears the Worst

Bold and the Beautiful fans watched the same thing happen all week that we watched the week before. This is the small problem with this show, in our opinion. You see things dragged out to a point that you are so tired of them you don’t know what else to do. You want to see people happy, and you want to see people succeed, but you also want to see something happen other than the same things over and over again. For example, we are darn tired of watching Ridge and Brooke say the same things to one another on repeat, “No, I side with my own child about XYZ,” and, “No, I side my MY child about XYZ,” all the time. It’s always a different XYZ, but it’s always the same conversation no matter what. They will never get past this, so why don’t they just end this problem already? We are bored with it.

Meanwhile, we all genuinely laughed at the fact that Hope thought she could actually outsmart Thomas, who is actually devious. She’s not that devious or that smart about it, and she really thought she could fake him into signing over this custody situation to her, and she was wrong. She was the one outsmarted by him, and he played her feelings like they were a simple game of cards with a toddler. He will win with everything when it comes to her because she does things out of love and caring, and he does them to win. When your mindset is always win, worry about feelings never, you will always find that things are a different story. She is simply finding that things are a different story in the moment. We get it, but we don’t know how she’s moving on from this.

What’s Happening on Bold and the Beautiful

She’s the cutest.

What’s Next on Bold and the Beautiful

Surprise, surprise. Not. It turns out that we will begin this week on the same note we have left the past few weeks, and begun the past few weeks, and lived for so long. It turns out that we are going to see that Ridge and Brooke don’t know what to do about Thomas. They cannot find a happy medium as far as he is concerned, and now they have to figure out how this will further affect their marriage. After all, it’s hard to be married to someone when you literally hate their child and want to see him hurt, and you are working with your own child to make sure that happens. It’s a tough situation when your wife wants to take your grandchild from you and make him her own grandchild. That kind of sucks, right?

Meanwhile, we think there are some bigger problems as Hope cannot find Thomas anywhere. She’s worried and upset that he might have done something stupid, and we did hear that there will be some major drama in the near future, so we think that she might be right about that. Our only hope in all of this is that he didn’t do something stupid to his son to punish Hope for what she’s doing. Honestly, he’s too cute and we don’t like harm against children even when it’s part of the script. We just hope that he’s all right, that things are going to work out, and we know that Thomas will get the help he needs.

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