Bold and the Beautiful’s Biggest Betrayals

Bold and the Beautiful fans are familiar with betrayal, because that’s what the families around here do to one another. They betray them. They do horrible things to them. They take from one another. They deliberately try to destroy their own. They do things that are horrible, and that are not good, and that are some of the ugliest things in the world, and they then forgive and forget and they pretend things never happened. If any of the horrible things that these people did to one another were to happen in real life, no family would ever survive. Despite that, we still feel that there are some things that are worse betrayals than others.

When Brooke Slept with her Daughter’s Boyfriend and Husband

This is twofold. We know that she did not mean to sleep with the high school boyfriend of Hope’s that she slept with, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. He thought she was Hope. She thought he was Ridge. That’s a lot of mistakes to make when someone is wearing a masquerade mask over their eyes, but we can see how you can’t recognize your long-time husband or girlfriend when your eyes are covered halfway. Please insert all the sarcasm here. However, they slept together, they didn’t realize it wasn’t their own person, and that was ugly. It took a lot of forgiveness, and Hope and her mother are still best friends. But, that other time that Brooke slept with a daughter’s man did not go so well. Her daughter Bridget was married to Deacon, and she slept with him one drunken night when she was alone and feeling sorry for herself, and she ended up getting pregnant. Her son-in-law was the father of her baby, and that did not go over well. That baby is also Hope.

Brooke and Bill

We are not isolating one incident here, either. They are guilty more than one time on numerous occasions. They have always been a bad match, and they are both always with someone at the time. He’s regularly with her sister, to whom he was married and has a baby, and she was with Ridge more than once when they ended up together. Heck, they are doing it right now and they both know it’s awful. He just professed his undying love to Katie, told her he’s changed, and that he is going to be by her side the rest of her life, that he will never hurt her again, and that she and their son are more important to him than anyone in the world, and he’s making out with and fantasizing about Brooke all over again. They both know this to be wrong, yet they are both doing it over and over again. It’s a mess through and through, and we know this to be true.

Reese and the Baby Swap

When Flo pretended like she gave her baby up for adoption to Steffy, it wasn’t her baby to give up. That baby belonged to Hope and Liam, and she knew that baby was theirs, that they’d been told the baby died, and that she didn’t want to be a mom. She knew that, and yet she also decided to keep that secret, lie to these people as their lives crumbled around them, and then she decided to continue to lie even though she fell back in love with Wyatt after years apart — and after she stole him from Sally — and she actually said nothing. She did not want to upset anyone, and she actually thought that what she was doing was the right thing. Although, it turns out that she might be right. She did decide to give Katie a kidney to save her life, and that was enough for most everyone to fall right back in love with her, including Wyatt who was engaged to marry Sally. She’s a hot mess, but this is a big lie. She knew that this would come out as other people kept finding out, and she did nothing with it. It seems people can get away with actual murder around here and it is all right as long as they give it time after they apologize for it.

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