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Big Brother

So far this season of Big Brother has not disappointed and the houseguests continued to prove themselves this week with the first flipped vote of the season. And with that flipped vote came another blindside, sending Bronte home instead of the planned Tiffany and sending a clear message to Frank. How did all of this come to be? Well everyone knows that in Big Brother, targets can change in a moment’s notice and with just twenty four hours before eviction night, that’s exactly what happened. And it had little to do with the actions of anyone actually on the block.

Of course, this plan wasn’t quite that sudden, with events earlier in the week leading to the actual decision that was made so close to the eviction. As we saw last week, the Eight Pack was starting to crack with Tiffany and Frank clashing. That only continued this week, as Frank’s loud mouth continued to get him in trouble, this time with Da’Vonne. We saw a side of Frank we hadn’t seen before as he, thinking it was only in jest, called Da’Vonne names no woman wants to be called and went so far as to slap her on the butt. As a single mom with a young daughter watching from home, Da’Vonne made it clear that no woman should ever be disrespected this way, no matter if it’s in jest or not. Frank has been known to go too far with his jokes and this time it is clear that this is exactly what he did, earning a deserved negative reputation in the house.

With Bridgette as HoH though, Frank still had control of almost every decision happening in the house, as he had her do his bidding for him by putting up Tiffany next to Paul on the block. With a Roadkill win, Frank threw Bronte up as a replacement nomination, thinking that would guarantee Tiffany going home. Bridgette’s PoV win solidified their power that week in the house, giving the impression that everyone would vote out the overly emotional Tiffany from the house.

And that was the plan for many of the houseguests until Da’Vonne implemented her plan just days before the eviction. The bad blood between her and Frank, combined with his attitude that he was basically controlling the house already, had her questioning their alliance with him. On top of that, Da’Vonne found out that Frank went to Nicole and Michelle, telling them that the next week he hoped to backdoor Da’Vonne. This information clearly got back to her, making her decision final: they needed to take power away from Frank.

The only option they had to do so this week was to flip the switch on Frank, sending home Bronte instead of Frank’s main target, Tiffany. After all, why would they want to keep someone in the house who could go after any of them instead of someone who they knew for sure was gunning for Frank? By splitting the vote 5-4, they also figured they could rattle him, throwing him off of his game during the immediate aftermath and HoH competition. It took some convincing, with Paulie being the main holdout on the plan, offering counterpoints against it that actually made a good amount of sense, but in the end everyone decided this was the best decision for them.

This all led to a blindside on eviction night, as the plan went off without a hitch and Bronte was sent home. The only wrench in the plan? Paulie went on to win the HoH Thursday night, guaranteeing that his teammate Frank would not be eligible to go on the block for another week. Looks like for now the house will have to bide their time in taking out their number one target, hopefully picking off anyone they view as on his side until then. This season has not disappointed in terms of smart gameplay and hopefully we’ll continue to see that trend in the following weeks.



In an attempt to take power away from Frank, the house flipped the vote this week on Big Brother.

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