The Five Best Emily Ratajkowski Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Emily Ratajkowski Movies of Her Career

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is one among many actors that came to love the art of drama as a child as she would stage plays for her parents from a young age and continued to shine in the spotlight as she grew up. To date she’s a name that you’ll hear quite often at times and yet some folks still don’t know that much about her either because she hasn’t hit the lead positions in her movies all that often or possibly because her last name is very distinctive but a little hard to remember when it comes to speaking it. It’s likely you’ve heard of her a few times at this point and while it’s true that she is a good actress it’s also likely that she’ll stay at a moderate level of fame until she really pushes to become something other than what she’s been at this point. It wouldn’t take a huge push it seems, but just enough to get her out in front and really noticed by a larger audience.

Here are the best movies of her career thus far.

5. I Feel Pretty

This movie has a kind of Shallow Hal feel to it as Amy Nicholson from Rolling Stone alludes to, but at the same time it pulls away from that stereotype while dunking itself firmly into another stereotype at the same time. In other words Amy Schumer’s character is convinced that she’s gorgeous after a hard knock to the head, only to realize that her confidence is really a kind of delusion that seems to have brought her desires out to play and used her self-confidence as a buffer to try and ignore the responses of those around her. In a big way this seems like Schumer’s attempt to make fun of the stereotypes that society follows so often, though it kind of came off as a childish joke that got more laughs than it might have planned on.

4. In Darkness

Emily’s biggest contribution to this movie comes in the form of her death since it sparks the entire plot in a big way and sends it careening onward towards the ending. Mike McCahill from The Guardian pokes a bit of fun at this as he likens it to a Hitchcock film more than once but at the same time admits that there is something to it that might redeem the movie if it could in fact hold on tightly enough to its own main point. All in all it’s a decent thriller that a lot of people might enjoy since anytime a main character is blind and has a particular skill it does tend to draw a crowd out of sheer interest.

3. Entourage

As fictional as he is Vincent’s career has had a lot of ups and downs as Becky Kirsch of PopSugar alludes to, and in this movie it shows another tremendous up and down movement as the boys go to Hollywood where they decide to make a movie that ends up going millions over budget and stalls as they try to find someone that’s willing to give them the money. When they end up getting booted from their own set however Ari resigns and redistributes his severance into the movie, which ends up making an insane amount of money and propelling the entire group in stardom in a big, big way.

2. We Are Your Friends

Being a DJ isn’t quite as simple or as glamorous as a lot of people think since believe it or not, it’s actual work. The difference between a regular 9 to 5 and DJing however is that as a DJ you’ve got be able to read the crowd and find something that gets the moving or you’re bound to flop since no one wants to listen to a bunch of tired beats that have no heart or rhythm to them. Cole has a lot of skill but he still has to learn how to read the crowd and really develop his own hook throughout the movie, something that any DJ worth their turntable needs to develop if they’re going to have any credibility.

1. Gone Girl

Being devious is perhaps the best and worst way to get back at someone for infidelity, but this seems to take things to a level that might actually inspire a person to commit murder if they found out about it. Nick isn’t a model citizen or husband but the manner in which Amy took him to task and almost got him sent to prison was something that goes well beyond an angered spouse. It’s ironic really that Nick was thought to be a sociopath when Amy was the one committing the largest number of crimes and had a plan to get away with it the entire time.

Emily just needs another push towards the lead position, and then it seems that she might be every bit as famous as some of her costars.

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