Bering Sea Gold Season 9 Premiere: What We Learned

Bering Sea Gold Season 9 Premiere: What We Learned

Miners who have left their lives in the city to pursue their dreams of finding their fortunes in the region of Nome, Alaska, embark on a new life. There are those who succeed and those who find only a hard life fraught with disappointment. The gold is still there and it remains until some fortunate prospector locates it. This is the dream and it is within the grasp of those who have the perseverance, skill and a little luck in finding it. “Bering Sea Gold” is a series that follows the life of Shawn Pomrenke as he moves ahead with his mining business The show has been renewed for another season and here is what we know about it so far.

Risk and struggle

In the upcoming season, Pomrenke is having a difficult time keeping it all together. The mining business is flourishing and for that he can be thankful, but keeping it all together is no easy task. The Pomrenke’s set out to purchase a ten thousand acre spread that is believed to hold in excess of a quarter billion dollars in gold.The catch is, that in order to enter into the deal, they need to come up with a down payment of three million dollars. This is a high stakes transaction and his entire empire is riding on it. He has to find a big payout or the deal won’t materialize. The future of the mining operation as well as his reputation is on the line. In the new season, Kris and Shawn are invaded by the Kelly’s and there is a big square-off coming.
Shawn is denied the million dollar bluff claim and the ground remains open to anyone. Kris makes the trek with his family with high hopes.

Zeke Tenhoff still in the game

We’ll also see Zeke and Emily Riedel, who is a former sweetheart, headed to Sledge Island. They went to look for the rumored gold mounds that have formed in the waters off of the volcanic island. They were charged with taking their dredge across the ocean to the island in hopes of discovering the gold that is said to be there. If they’re successful, the pair could rise to the top of the game comprised of Nome miners. This season, Zeke will make one of the riskiest moves of his life. He will dive under twenty feet of ice in search of gold. Emily seeks to reclaim her good mining grounds at Hasting’s Creek.

The Kelly’s have a tough time

The Kelly family hasn’t dealt squarely with the residents of Nome and there is a high level of distrust. This is going to make it hard for them to gain access to mining ground that could be profitable. Kris will e captain in the new episode and he’s hoping to rebuild both the finances of the family and their reputation in the community. He’ll be working hard alongside his brother and father, but the trio will not have the support of the locals. We’re not certain how this is going to pan out for the family because they’ve already burned so many bridges with their neighbors. They continue to ignite the flames with Shawn Pomrenke.

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