Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ben’s Injuries Are Serious

days of our lives

It’s an all-new Days of Our Lives on Wednesday, and it’s one that you will not forget. We know that Abby and Chad are feeling a bit of relief now that Ben is in the hospital and he is no longer a problem for them, but they want people to know what really happened at the mansion. They also have to think about the damage that’s been done to the DiMera Mansion, which is their home. They have a lot going on right now, and it looks as if they are going to be in this kind of trouble for the long haul. Though we do have to admit that even though Abby knows what people think, she is happy that he is not in her life anymore and that he is at least somewhere she does not have to worry about him hurting her family for the time being.

Eric’s been sentenced to five years in prison for driving the car that killed his friends and injured others. He was drunk, and he knows that his sentence is actually pretty light considering what happened. However, this mother is just not happy with the situation and she requires some serious comfort. She misses her son already, and she’s devastated with the sentence. Will she be able to calm down and really make sure she’s all right before he leaves? What’s really interesting, though, is that Eric and Jennifer were intimate. What is going to happen now? Will this make his prison sentence seem that much more awful now that Eric clearly has feelings for her and she is there for him? Or will they definitely have to do something about their feelings today? Today is the day we learn whether or not these two are going to regret their decision or if they are all right with it.

It seems that right now we are in a state of perpetual goodbye as Eric’s friends are all gathering around him to say their final goodbyes before he has to turn himself in for his arrest. Will he do it? Will he end up in jail, or will something happen to allow him to see his freedom even before he is taken away for good?

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