Days of Our Lives Spoilers: JJ Saves Haley

Days of Our Lives fans aren’t entirely surprised that things are going the way they are right now, but there’s a lot that will happen. For one, we know that Ciara and Claire decided to call a truce with one another after what happened to Julie. She is someone who they both love and respect, and they are horrified that this happened to her. This is a situation that they did not — in any way — expect to find themselves, and they are just crushed that it’s come to this. They are beside themselves with worry, and seeing them get along is one of the best things we’ve seen all year. There is so much that might work out for them here, and we only hope it lasts longer than their previous attempts at reconciling. On that now, we know that while Eli and Lani are on the path to being a couple, they are doing more work than they are doing personal stuff at the moment.

They’ve questioned Gabi about what happened to Julie. The young woman claimed she fell and that things were not at all what they seemed, but the evidence points to things that are not entirely the truth. There is a lot that might happen here, but what about the fact that they have to deal with this stuff on their own? What about the fact that they have to make sure this all goes down without a hitch? What about the fact that someone will, at some point, realize what is true and what is going on? And will they be able to get her for this? What will happen to Gabi if they find out that it is her fault that Julie fell and ended up this way? What if they find out that there is more to this than anyone else realized? Will this happen for them?

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

Who said being this gorgeous is totally easy? We do think that these men and women make it look pretty easy all the way around, but we get that they have some serious work behind them as people are making it their mission in life to keep them all looking so good.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

Haley is here, and it seems that Thia Megia is going to make a great addition to the show. JJ is going to be her knight in shining armor, too. He will save her life, make her happy in more ways than one, and he will make sure that things turn out for the best for these people. He is a mess, and there is not much he can do other than focus on what is good in their lives, but he will find a way to make sure that he is happy and well in the future. But for now, he’s saving lives and taking names, and this new character is going to be good for everyone. Julie is going to make a comeback, we just know it. But we also know that there is going to come a time when someone realizes that things aren’t what they seem, and we also hear that there is a lot going on around here that we don’t know about.

Chad will be floored when he finds out that Gabi is behind what happened to Julie, and he will be even more shocked when he finds out that all the rest of his life problems are not really his own life problems. They are the life problems of another person, and that person is Gabi. She’s made a mess, and we can assume he will want her to suffer to the full extent of the law when she’s found out.

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