Pleading for a Benedict Cumberbatch Role in the Next Star Wars

Pleading for a Benedict Cumberbatch Role in the Next Star Wars

So why do we need Benedict Cumberbatch in the next Star Wars? Well, that depends on which Star Wars you’re talking about. If you’re talking about episode 9 then it might not be the right time just yet as that particular narrative needs time to be closed out so that the story can finally move on. But if you’re talking about the rumor that further trilogies are on the way then yes, absolutely, no question, ADD HIM IN. Why though? Well that’s simple, he’s BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. He’s proven, he’s awesome, he can be dark, he can be menacing, and he can be the kind of arrogant character that needs to be introduced into the Start Wars Universe. Were there any other reasons?

Well yes, yes there are, but that one is good enough, as just being who he is allows a movie to elevate its status just enough to get attention and to let people know that this is going to be something worthy of their praise or at least their presence in the movie theater. Given that he’s elevated his game more than once in the film industry it’s time to see what he can do in a galaxy that is nothing like the one he’s had to guard as Dr. Strange. But bringing him on as a Sith lord would be even better since he has a foreboding way about him that seems to indicate that he would be perfect as one of those that have been heavily steeped in the dark side of the Force. Now just what part he would play is anyone’s guess since the next trilogy, or hopefully two, will no doubt push forward and seek to expand the universe so that the fans and those that are interested can see how much more there is to be discovered. Star Wars has notoriously kept their main focus on the Skywalker line throughout three trilogies now, and it’s been what we all expected for the most part and have wanted to see. But as times are changing so are the interests of the fans.

That means that things in the Star Wars Universe have to change, and that includes the focus. While it’s perfectly fine to jump forward and include the Jedi, and the Sith, and any other Force users that still exist in the world, it will still be necessary to see things from a different view and to introduce new characters that will help with endeavor. Expanding the universe is going to mean visiting new planets, seeing new creatures and aliens that have been written about but never shown. It will mean creating a story that’s been there the whole time but never fully seen by those that have remained such loyal fans for so long. Benedict would no doubt be an awesome Sith as taking one look at him is enough to think that he would be one scary individual.

Of course if those in charge wanted to keep things interesting they could always cast him in a new trilogy predating the prequels. There were plenty of Sith and Jedi at one point in the story of Star Wars.

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