The Most Beautiful Animation Shots in Movie History

Some of the most beautiful animation shots in movie history don’t necessarily have to be touching or monumental, they just have to catch the eye and hold it for long enough so that a person can see just how wondrous they are. The animation within each piece of the clip is something that managed to get people’s attention in a way that they couldn’t always explain but was so powerful that they couldn’t look away either. Some of the moments were comical, others were deadly serious, but all of them were well rendered and in many cases were simply breathtaking.

Those scenes that offer a pleasant hello or a peaceful goodbye are especially poignant, such as the morning dawn scene from The Lion King, and the last sight of Carl and Ellie’s house as it fades into the clouds. These scenes tend to take your breath away and remind you of the majesty of what lies around us, the wonderment and the sheer audacity of nature that envelops us in every way and our place within it that seems so small. Scenes such as this are a reminder of the way this world sits and where we happen to exist in it, and yet still show that our experiences are something to be treasured as we continually interact with that same world and make it just a little different than what it could be were we not here.

Such animation is not only pleasing to look at but is important to our culture as it reminds us of many things that it takes to be human and to be a part of the world we live in. It is also a testament to what has come before and what will come after so that future generations can look at this and continue the cycle as things go forward. Cartoons are thought by many to be pleasant escapes from the world we live in, but in truth they are yet another reflection that we are encouraged to look at so that we do not forget that just outside our doors lies another wonder to behold, another adventure to be had if we so choose.

Animation has created a gateway into new worlds that might very well be imaginary but are still enriching and real enough in the minds of many when it comes to what we choose to embrace as our culture. They show us and remind us of the power that our imagination can create and nurture as we continually build up worlds without end in the annals of human innovation and give to our children and the generations that will come after a sense of the spectacular that they might learn and prosper from it. The wealth of a strong an active imagination is something far different than material wealth, as it is something that leaves you content and yet still aching for more all at the same time.

Animation shows us that the worlds we create are always a single memory away, and can be recalled at any time.

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