The Five Best Kate Beckinsale Movies of Her Career

Kate Beckinsale has been around a lot longer than some people might realize but her standout hits have been coming for the last decade or so. In some films she’s been more of a showpiece, someone that people know and is there to make the picture look a little better, but in others she’s the undisputed star since she shines so much brighter than those around her. In any case she’s immediately recognizable and is the kind of woman that you can feel is going to be someone that will be a screen legend one of these days by dint of her looks and her ability to make people stand up and pay attention. She’s had her share of movies that were just ‘meh’ but she’s also put in some great performances over the years that have allowed her to be noted and seen as serious and very talented actress.

Here are some of the best films from her career.

5. Pearl Harbor

It’s interesting how love stories are derived from some of the most tragic moments in history. Perhaps it’s an attempt to take the edge off of those moments that might otherwise be extremely depressing and horrifying to recount. But Danny and Rafe, having grown up together, fall in love with the same woman at one point. Rafe falls in love with her first but when he’s shot down over Nazi-occupied France Danny is there to console her. Near the end of the movie Danny is killed and Rafe returns to take his place with the now-pregnant Evelyn. They end up visiting Danny’s grave at one point to honor their fallen friend.

4. The Aviator

She had a relatively small role in this film but the life of Howard Hughes was something that eccentrics all over the world might find interesting since not only did he suffer from OCD but he had ideas about the world around him that made no sense to some people but were highly innovative to others. The madness that seemed to grip the man however was far-reaching as it tended to control him in ways that disrupted his life again and again and never really allowed Hughes to live what some might call a normal life. Instead he slowly began to go mad as people saw it, though his genius was hard to question.

3. Laurel Canyon

There are certain situations that seem absolutely toxic when they’re entered and should be avoided at all costs. It wasn’t exactly easy for Sam and Alex to avoid the lure of his mother Jane and the band she’s working with however, as both Sam and Alex find themselves drawn to different people, almost to the point their own relationship begins to crumble. By the end of the movie they have reaffirmed the love they have for one another, but the viewer is still left somewhat confused as to what might actually happen if the story went forward, as the other woman Sam cared for is still around and there’s no telling what might happen.

2. Serendipity

Fate works in very strange ways it would seem since Jonathan and Sara seem to be meant for one another no matter that they both become engaged to other people after parting ways for a while. Neither one of them can help chasing after what might amount to nothing though as they feel that they were right for each other from the start. Eventually as they go chasing around after each other for a while Jonathan finally makes his way to an ice rink where he lies down in the middle, where Sara finds him. From that moment on they reunite and begin the relationship that should have started from the beginning.

1. Underworld

Even if she wasn’t a vampire, which she is, Selene would be the kind of woman you just don’t mess with since there are so many ways she could kill you that crossing her would be one of the worst mistakes anyone could possibly make. In fact as a Death Dealer she’s one of the best and the only two things in the movie that she can’t handle is a Lycan that’s transformed and an elder vampire that engages her face to face. Other than that Selene is death in heels and one of the toughest individuals in the movie. It’s been that way now throughout just about every movie as she’s gotten stronger, wiser, and a lot deadlier than she started out as, meaning she’s one of those that you wouldn’t dare stand against if you’re her enemy.

She can be so charming in one movie and then so deadly serious in the next that it seems easy to say that Kate is a very versatile actress that knows how to adapt her technique and style for each film she’s in.

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