How “Star Wars” Could Have Ended in 60 Seconds

How “Star Wars” Could Have Ended in 60 Seconds

The popular franchise “Star Wars” was an instant success from the first installment through the last. Some die hard fans will always attend the premiere of a new film, but some others wish it would have ended quickly. A cute video that follows up with this line of thinking takes a comedic approach to show how “Star Wars” could have all been over in a minute’s time.

Dorkly’s video

What if Obi Wan had used his light saber to pierce the core of the infamous Death Star? The comical video shows Kenobi dropping his light saber downward. It melted through the floor and kept traveling until it hit the power source for the ultimate weapon of destruction. It was more effective than the external attack that the Rebellion staged in their attempts to blow up the planet destroyer. Perhaps one of the funniest parts of the video is Darth Vader’s response. He’s totally stymied by Kenobi’s actions. Instead of letting Vader kill him, he walks off while the light saber does its work.

Realistic fan response

After the Death Star explodes, the animated video immediately turns to a dud furiously typing away on his home computer. He’s not happy about the alternate ending that he’s just seen. You can tell that he’s a dyed in the wool fan that is not in favor of ending “Star Wars” in sixty seconds.

More videos like this one

This short clip is hilariously funny and it may even be appreciated by anyone who believes the franchise took it too far. The video is a must-see whether you’re a “Star Wars” lover, a hater, or somewhere in between. You can catch the funny clip here, and if you like this, you can subscribe for more hilarious takes on popular film franchises.

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