Beautiful 10 Minute Timelapse Of Artist Painting A Realistic Dragon

Watching this artist painting this realistic-looking dragon throughout a ten minute time lapse is amazing and in some ways could make a person jealous of the artistic ability that it displays. One thing that should be noted though is that this kind of talent doesn’t just come overnight. This is something that needs to be cultivated and worked on continuously, so being jealous of this is kind of less than advisable simply because to be able to do something like this would take a rather long time and a LOT of practice. the fact that this person does it so fast is just another testament to the skill level they’re working with and the idea that they might have done something like this before. When they bring the air brush in though that kind of seals the deal by making you think that yes, this person has done things like this before and it’s far from their first time working on such a project.

Dragon pictures are typically some of the most imaginative and fearsome pictures to draw, but this one looks like it’s about to leap off the page and take a bite of whoever is standing nearby. As dragons go it’s definitely impressive and seems so well-rendered that you might expect to see something like this flying over the mountains the next time you go hiking. That’s how real it looks. Pictures like these should make people glad that things like dragons don’t exist in this world, though thankfully the human imagination is more than enough to bring them to life on the canvas. For some reason dragons have been a large part of humanity for a long time, whether it’s something to do with culture, sheer imagination, or the fact that they’re just fun to draw and think about.

Dragons are a big part of pop culture for several reasons. One is that they are immensely strong, capable beasts that can be seen as intelligent or as just another animal. In some representations they’re magical, in others they’re seen as fire-breathing invaders that want nothing more than to burn whatever they see to ash. It’s not uncommon to see an image of a peaceful dragon but it’s less likely than seeing one that’s in mid-roar or that looks as though they’re ready to fight. Something about the aggression of dragons seems to spark the human imagination in a way that gives birth to images like this and essentially grants people the ability to bring what they see in their minds eye to the page.

Ten minutes isn’t a long time to finish a piece of work like this so it’s doubly impressive to think that the artist was just flying with the brush and the air brush trying to complete this awesome picture. With how it came out you can only imagine that he’s done this countless time and has learned just how to apply the brush and what strokes need to land where and how to angle everything just properly so that he’s not messing anything up. That’s kind of amazing really.

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