Batman Cosplayer Drives Around in His Custom Made Batmobile to Lift Spirits

Batman Cosplayer Drives Around in His Custom Made Batmobile to Lift Spirits

Batman Cosplayer Drives Around in His Custom Made Batmobile to Lift Spirits

It’s not just celebrities that are doing what they can in order to make people smile and feel better about the ongoing situation, as one man is taking up the mantle of Batman as he cruises around his neighborhood in his custom-made replica of the 1989 Batmobile that was used by Michael Keaton. How cool is that, really? A lot of people are doing what they can just by staying home and maintaining their distance from others, but this individual is making a lot of people feel that they can take on the world simply by donning the cowl and cape, and of course cruising around in a car that’s nothing short of iconic to many people, to help lift spirits as much as he can. it’s impressive enough to think that this guy built the car with the help of a friend, but it’s even more so to think that he had this idea to go rolling around in order to bring some sense of good cheer and some hope to the people around him. There are too many ways to lose faith in humanity but thankfully there are still many ways to retain said hope when acts such as this are seen to gladden the hearts of so many.

These are rough times, there’s no doubt about it. Kids are out of school, parents are out of work in some areas, and a lot of folks are having a tough go. Anyone that can do anything to lift the spirits of the people is being hailed as a hero of sorts at this point, but this man decided to take it even further and don the outfit and make a difference in a way that a lot of folks might not have thought of but still appreciate. It has to be said that some folks might look at the Batmobile and wonder why couldn’t anyone put together something similar to the vehicle we saw in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but there are a couple of reasons for that. For one, building such a contraption really isn’t practical since it might be possible but it would still look insanely intimidating and not quite as inspirational as the version that was in Tim Burton’s movie. The second reason is that despite the success of Nolan’s trilogy there were a few points throughout the movies that just didn’t feel entirely like the Batman that so many of us grew up with. It was a great trilogy, don’t get me wrong, but the vehicles kind of lacked the flair of those that came before them and went more for function than form, which worked for the movies to be fair since Nolan was going for something different than the over the top appearance that the Batmobile and other various vehicles received in the movies prior to his efforts.

There was something that was just great enough about the 1989 Batmobile that made it so hard to touch when it came to which vehicle is more popular since it was sleek, it was flashy, and it had a whole slew of gadgets that it could utilize, and it was also voice-activated if you can recall, which was a nice touch at the time and still is. Elias Roberts of Hot Cars has another opinion on the matter. Obviously that wasn’t a feature that this car was bound to come with or be given at any point since the work one might have to put in to install something like that would be extensive and would go beyond the simple mechanics of putting everything together, but the effort that was put forth is definitely worth it. Normally this gentleman gets paid for his appearances at parties, one can only imagine how much that might be, but this time around he decided to just go with it and do what he could to help people smile and ease the pressures of the day a little bit, as this is what some people can do and they manage to do it gladly in order to allow others the courage to face the day. The goodwill this brings and the feeling of humanity that it fosters among those that are lifted up by such gestures is vastly important at this time since otherwise facing the day for some people means trying their hardest to fight off the depression that comes from realizing the virus is still around and that from a societal standpoint things aren’t getting much better at the moment.

Thankfully people like this do exist and are always willing to find a way to put a smile on the faces of those around them, and to remind people that they’re stronger than they think. Hopefully one of these days the virus will be in the rear view and the lot of us will look back and remember those that were so willing to go out of their way to help.

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