Amazing Collection of Star Wars Caricature Art by Loopydave

If you’re not familiar with Loopydave on Deviantart then you most certainly should be.   I’ve been following this guy for the past 8 years which is how long he’s been on the artist website.  During that time his work has been viewed over 1.2 million times and when it comes to artists that do caricatures he’s one of if not the best in the business.  However, using the word “caricature” is almost an insult because his art does so much more than that.  His attention to detail is astonishing and it’s not just faces that Dave does.  He adds dialogue, context and the kinds of detail that you don’t normally see from artists.

Lately Dave’s been dabbling in the Star Wars universe and I couldn’t be happier because I have a number of pictures I’d like to share with all of you.  They range from Rogue One to the original movie and contain popular characters like Darth Vader and Han Solo.  But there’s also a nice mixture of ancillary characters who you’ll recognize immediately (despite perhaps not knowing their names).

By the way, Dave, do you do kids parties?  I gotta hire you for my son’s 5th birthday.  I would be honored to have you there and see what kind of hilarious concoctions you could come up with when it comes to my family and friends. Check out Dave’s Star Wars work below and don’t forget to click on the photos for the full size versions.

Not the Droid you are looking for…

K2so details


A Fine Romance

How Fast is Your Spaceship?

This’ll Help


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