Arnold Schwarzenegger is Elf in Deepfake Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Elf in Deepfake Video

Hearing Buddy scream in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice would be great, don’t you think? Deepfake is just rolling when it comes to pushing videos with swapped-out faces added in and even though the voices and faces aren’t perfect it’s still funny to watch since watching anything that Arnold is used to take over is hilarious considering that he’s actually starred in a Christmas movie, Jingle All the Way, and was just as comical. Seeing his face in Elf is kind of surreal in a way, but it’s something that, had it ever happened, likely would have tanked this holiday classic in a big way since Will Ferrell is someone that people can’t help but like and get into in a big way, even if there are still some of us that wonder why. A lot of it has to do with the idea that he yells almost every other line at times, and that he’s something of an over actor when it comes to a comedy. But hey, to each their own since plenty of people like him and are excited to see him in a movie, no matter if the movie is going to tank or become a cult classic. The thing about Ferrell though is that he really needs another costar there to shine, no matter what anyone says. It’s an opinion of course, but when Ferrell is on his own it does feel that things go off the rails pretty quickly, while the moment that he’s given a worthwhile supporting cast he’s actually easier to handle since there are other stars getting in on the act.

Elf is one of the many movies that a person either loves or doesn’t care for too much since there’s not a lot of in-between, but hating it entirely isn’t something that a lot of people are willing to state. There is a certain amount of charm to the movie since Ferrell’s character is fairly innocent and not meant to be crude or out of control in such a big way. But there’s still the aspect that his personality is so upfront and out loud that it’s hard to reason why some folks happen to like this type of act. But the truth is that a lot of people happen to swear by Ferrell and don’t feel like saying anything even remotely negative about his act for their own reasons. If this had really been a role that Schwarzenegger had taken one can imagine that a lot of people might still be wondering what Arnold was thinking at the time. There are already a few of those movies since in his middle to old age, Arnold has definitely taken on a few roles that people have wondered about.

Just thinking about this movie makes a lot of people laugh, but trying to watch it as a Deepfake would have other people laughing that might have felt that it wasn’t much to look at in the first place. It’s funny to think of what a small change can make since installing the face of the same guy that did the Terminator and countless action movies into a Christmas movie, and into an elf suit no less, is something that would have a lot of people rolling. There are likely some people that might argue that Arnold would have done a better job, but it would have been extremely awkward to see him with James Caan, not to mention seeing him getting beaten down by Peter Dinklage since a lot of people might have laughed while others would have been cracking Terminator and Commando jokes for the entire Christmas season and beyond. Ferrell just doesn’t come off as a tough individual, at all, no matter what movie he’s in. Big as this guy is he still manages to come off as a big softie no matter what he acts like. Even in Old School when he was playing the part of a drunken idiot, Ferrell was still the nice guy that was kind of a doofus at times but was still the person you depended on to be a friend since he was a people-pleaser and didn’t mean to offend anyone if he ever did. Arnold is pretty different in this case since he looks like the elf that might actually run riot with a machine gun and wipe out a band of terrorists before stuffing coal in their socks, with their feet still attached no less.

Still, it’s a fun and hilarious way to enjoy a few minutes of the movie since Deepfake has been getting better and better with their methods and techniques and has been picking out movies and stars to swap that are nothing short of hilarious. One has to wonder just who they’re going to do next, and how hard we’re bound to laugh.

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