Are You The One Season 4: Where Are They Now?

Are You The One Season 4: Where Are They Now?
Are You The One Season 4: Where Are They Now?

Premiering on June 13, 2016, Are You The One Season 4 introduced an interesting set of cast members. To date, it remains one of the highest-rated seasons of the show, and for good reason too. It brought to the screen everything a relationship-related dating show needs to thrive.

Drama, check. Fiery passion, check. Designated hot messes, double check. It’s safe to say that the cast of Are You The One Season 4 gave it their all. So, where are they now? That’s a question many fans and critics alike may be pondering. In that vein, here are some insights into the present lives of the reality stars who graced our screens on Season 4 of the show.

Cameron & Mikala

Cameron And Mikala Are you the one season 4

If there was a couple that seemed like they were in it for the long haul, it was Cameron Kolbo and Mikala Thomas. Their interactions made it evident that they just clicked. So, it was no surprise that they stuck together from the first week right up until the finale. After the show, they took things to the next level and even ended up living together for some time. Unfortunately, theirs was not a happily ever after that would last forever. By 2017, their relationship hit the peak of its rocky times, and they split up. So, what are they up to now? Kolbo is currently a social media influencer, and though he was said to be dating Playboy model, Lacey Claire Rogers, it seems he’s single now. As for Mikala, she got engaged to fellow MTV star Joe Torgerson in 2021. By all indications, they’re still together.

Asaf & Kaylen

Asaf & Kaylen Are You The One Season 4

The declaration that this couple was a match came as quite the surprise for most people. They hardly spent any time together in a romantic sense, but the powers that be deemed them compatible. At the end of the season, Asaf Goren and Kalyen Zahara were paired. But it should come as no surprise that the pair did not make it past the cameras.

Once the season was over, Goren really keyed into the reality TV scene. He appeared in shows like The Challenge and Worst Cooks In America. Additionally, he pursued his music career, recording a song with Boy George in 2020. Then there’s Zahara, who’s currently big things on the influencer scene. She’s currently based in LA.

Tyler & Camille

Tyler and Camille Are You The One Season 4

Once this pair suspected that they’d be named a perfect match, they started cozying up mid-season. Well, Tyler Norman and Camille Satterwhite were not mistaken, as they were indeed deemed compatible. However, their pairing did not last. After the season wrapped up, Norman went off the grid. Satterwhite, on the other hand, presently practices nursing in Florida. She’s also gotten married since then and is a proud mother of two.

Cam & Julia

Are You The One Season 4: Where Are They Now?

While Cam Bruckman and Julia Rose were pretty much declared perfect matches on the show, theirs is a story with a twist. Bruckman ended up marrying another contestant from a whole other season of the show. In 2021, he walked down the aisle with Are You The One? Season 5 contestant Carolina Duarte. He’s remained pretty private about his life after the show, but by all indications, the couple is based in Denver, Colorado.

On the other end of the spectrum, Rose has risen in popularity and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. She’s the host of her own podcast titled The Sh*tshow. She’s also been featured on one episode of NELK BOYS. To crown it all, she’s doing pretty well for herself as a social media influencer.

Stephen & Nicole

Stephen And Julia

After spending weeks 1 and 5 together, this pair were deemed a perfect match. However, Stephen McHugh and Nicole Brown didn’t end up riding off into the sunset together. At the moment, McHugh has retreated into the shadows and pretty much keeps his personal life personal. So, there’s really no way of knowing what he’s been doing so far.

While Brown doesn’t particularly share a lot, she gives away a bit more than McHugh. Recently, her social media revealed that she travels every now and then. She also shares lots of pictures taken with her fur baby, Milo.

Giovanni & Francesca

Giovanni and Francesca

For most, it was evident that Giovanni Rivera and Francesca Duncan would be declared a perfect match. They did spend some time together as a couple, so the revelation was not out of the question. Though it didn’t end up working between them, Rivera didn’t give up on love. He returned for the 2017 spinoff, AYTO: Second Chances. But after that, he diverted his attention to his boxing career. Duncan has equally branched out from the usual reality TV scene. She went on to pursue a career in the music industry under the pseudonym Chess.

Sam & Alyssa

Sam And Alyssa

Another notable pairing on Are You The One Season 4 is that of Sam Handler and Alyssa Ortiz. The couple spent a meager one week apart before it was revealed that they were a perfect match at the finale. However, that was not enough to keep them together after the show. Post-Are You The One, Handler has embraced a more low-key life, so there’s nothing out there about his present life. Meanwhile, Ortiz’s overall visibility has skyrocketed as she’s become a producer for Salvi Media. She was also recently on The Kelly Clarkson Show days ago.

Prosper & Emma


No doubt Prosper Muna and Emma Sweigard were a couple to watch from the start. They cozied up quite early in the show but fizzled out as the show progressed. So, it was probably quite a doozy when they discovered that they were a perfect match. Needless to say, they did not end together, but they did find love respectively. Now a big-shot singer, Muna is presently married with three lovely children. Then there’s Sweigard, who’s also gotten hitched and has two fur babies named Bunk and Blaine.

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