Are We Ever Going To See a Snatch 2?

Are We Ever Going To See a Snatch 2?

Are We Ever Going To See a Snatch 2?

There’s no doubt that a sequel to Snatch would be welcomed by a lot of fans, but the problem is that one has to wonder what the story would be since a lot of things were concluded at the end of the first one. One point is that Vinnie Jones, the same guy that’s pulling for the sequel, no longer had a character since the implication is that Bullet Tooth Tony was killed by accident while Cousin Avi, played by Dennis Farina, was trying to get the dog that had swallowed the diamond that was one of the main plot points of the movie. On top of that, the main bad guy, Brick Top, was killed off at the end along with his cronies, while Mickey, played by Brad Pitt, and the rest of the Pikeys made their way to parts unknown. Turkish and Tommy, played respectively by Jason Statham and Stephen Graham, were seen speaking to Doug the Head, played by Mike Reid. In short, one very big problem with the sequel is that it would require a few new characters since either the characters or the actors have passed away since this movie came out.

It’s fair to say that this wouldn’t be a huge impediment since if Guy Ritchie did manage to make a sequel it’s possible that he could find a few more colorful characters to round out the cast. But the point is that Snatch was kind of a unique movie that was a lot of fun to watch since it dipped liberally into the criminal world, but not enough that one had to worry about all the particulars. The main characters were introduced quickly in a manner that made it pretty clear that the lot of them were unsavory characters in one way or another, and that there weren’t any real heroes in this movie. But the way that Ritchie did it was fun and light-hearted in a very big way that made even Brick Top appear kind of comical.

It’s tough to say that a sequel would be able to do this once again since the first movie was kind of a shot in the dark that came out of nowhere and hit the target in a way that people couldn’t help but be impressed by. Plus, as I already mentioned, a good number of the characters that made the movie so great are dead, which means that coming up with new faces that would be accepted by the fanbase feels like a risky maneuver that would be met with a lot of hope but also with a great deal of criticism. And unless Vinnie Jones could be given another convincing character to play, it feels unlikely that after such a dramatic pause in the first movie that his character would be coming back. Plus, bringing him back now feels like it would be a slap in the face to the fans as it would make the statement that what they want doesn’t really matter. If the sequel turned out to be a prequel it might be possible, but that feels like it might be a bad idea as well.

Vinnie Jones is adamant about this idea since he wants to make it work, but at the same time, it feels like something that should be left alone. There are some movies that don’t really need a sequel no matter what anyone says as they said all there was to say in the first movie. There are a few open holes in the script that some might like to see closed once and for all, but at the same time keeping them open might be a better idea simply because it leaves that giant question mark as to what happened to certain characters and if they went on to lead a productive life or just went back to their old ways. For Turkish and Tommy the fact that they were free of Brick Top might be a win, but even Brick Top had people he answered to, so it’s likely that they weren’t out of the fire just yet. Plus, who knows what mood Cousin Avi was in when he had to come back to London once again to check out the diamond.

For all we know he came back ready to shoot whoever spoke to him in a manner he didn’t like, but without Bullet Tooth Tony there alongside him, and without the threat of Saul and Vinnie, or even Boris the Blade, it’s likely that he might be in a mood to negotiate. The ending of the first movie was so open that one could have imagined that it might go in a dozen different directions, but it’s better that way, to be honest. Sometimes making people guess is better than letting them down.Bullet Tooth Tony

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