The Five Best Casey Affleck Movies of His Career

The Five Best Casey Affleck Movies of His Career

The Five Best Casey Affleck Movies of His Career

It can’t be easy standing in the shadow of a famous older brother, but when you think of it, Casey Affleck isn’t really IN Ben’s shadow. He moved out of it quite some time ago if he was ever in it to begin with, forging his own career and making himself into an actor that people want to see and are pleased to watch whenever he graces the big screen. The guy has a few different faces that he can pull to make a character work, but otherwise he seems like the average working individual that has the faraway look that indicates he wants something more when he’s in character. Casey isn’t always considered to be on the same level of his brother but that’s quite alright since he’s on his own level and doesn’t need to compete. His characters are just as engrossing as Ben’s, more so in some cases.

Here are some of his best movies throughout the years.

5. American Pie

He shows up for just a brief moment in this film but he immediately became a fixture for the reason that he was even in it to begin with. Playing the older brother of Kevin he grants his little brother advice on how to give a woman an orgasm and even directs him to a book that’s been secreted away in the school library that others have added to in the past. This helps Kevin out a great deal with his own girlfriend as at the beginning of the movie he nearly lost her by stating that he wanted to get laid within earshot, something she isn’t ready to do. But when he repays the sexual acts she’s done for him with what he’s learned she becomes far more ready and decides she wants to have sex after prom.

4. Out of the Furnace

Rodney is a man that is simply too scarred to live a normal life any longer. He has nightmares, suffers from PTSD thanks to his four tours in Iraq, and loves to fight despite the fact that it’s only supposed to be necessary in order to pay off those he owes. When he takes a dive however and the drug dealer running the fight thinks that Rodney and the man backing him owe a bit more he’s taken out in the woods and killed. Russell, Rodney’s brother, decides that he can’t let this stand and goes after the drug dealer, luring him into town by stating that he can come pick up his money. From there the matter gets settled with a few well-placed shots.

3. Ocean’s Eleven

The Malloy twins are horrible to each other, there’s no way to say it nicely. They seem to go out of their way to insult each other, berate one another, and generally make sure that they let the other know that their one goal in life is to make each other miserable. Yet for all that they do seem to get along when it counts and can work together in a very professional way. But their antics both in and out of the con are something that a lot of the crew just has to put up with since they don’t really allow their feud to die down just because someone else is near them. When they’re quiet, then they’re just being nice to each other.

2. Good Will Hunting

Ah, poor Morgan. He’s kind of the runt of the pack when it comes to the group he hangs around. He doesn’t get a whole lot of respect and since he’s the smallest and most docile among the quartet he’s kind of taken for granted. By the end of the film however there is some respect for him since he does stick around and take the abuse in a good-natured kind of way that makes the viewer realize that however bad he gets it he’s still a part of the group for good or ill. And by the time Will leaves town it’s apparent that Morgan’s status has improved in what’s left of the group since he gets to sit in the front seat, Will’s customary spot.

1. Manchester by the Sea

There are some things that time can’t fully heal. Lee would no doubt love to reconnect with his nephew and even his hometown but considering that he’s treated as an outcast after his negligence killed his children in a house fire he simply can’t bear to come back. What he does do however is make sure that his nephew is set up with a nice family and is able to come visit him in Boston whenever he wants. He wants to be Patrick’s uncle, but he can’t handle going back to Manchester, where his life has pretty much been over for so many years.

Casey Affleck has made his way from being a supporting character to someone that’s undeniably elite.

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