Are We Ever Going to See a G.I. Joe 3?

At this current time there’s supposedly a third G.I. Joe film in the works and it has a 2020 release date. The only problem is that it doesn’t have a cast, a director, or a fully-functional script. Right now it’s stuck in what seems to be developmental hell as it’s trying to claw its way to the light, though it’s anyone’s guess if this is going to really happen. There are plenty of ideas on what could constitute a third movie since the dynamic of what’s happened in the sequel has made way for another film that could be something unique and even more over the top than the last film. It would have to be something pretty eye-popping to really get people back in the theater however since despite the fact that the second film outdid the first the expectations were so low that it took people time to really muster up the interest to make it to the theater. But then again, people did go, and they were pleasantly surprised for the most part.

Now they’ll have to do it again after finding those that are willing to come back for the chance to make another go at a well-respected franchise.

Considering the sequel was better than the first film it’s hard to say what the third film will be like.

It’s not very often that a sequel will top the original but in this case G.I. Joe: Retaliation had a very low bar to hurdle as it continued the story of the elite fighting force and even brought in several new characters that people recognized almost immediately. Storm Shadow had to come back obviously, as did Snake Eyes and several others, but the inclusion of Roadblock was a master stroke and the idea of bringing in characters like Jinx was considered to be a risky but smart move. Also, the idea of turning Storm Shadow into an ally for a time at least was something that did in fact happen in the original canon but was still pleasing to see as it meant that he had some redemptive value left in him, especially after it was discovered that his and Snake Eyes’ shared master was killed by none other than Vartan, who framed Storm Shadow for the act. A third film however would need just as strong of a twist and characters to see it through to the end.

It was initially supposed to be out around 2015.

The idea was supposed to come a while ago but the script was never fully formed so it kind of sat, and sat, and sat some more. The director that wanted to make a go of it didn’t feel that everything was clicking just yet and decided to instead go on to make the next Xander Cage film with Vin Diesel. That means that this film got to sit and wait in script form yet again until now when it’s being discussed for a 2020 release that may or may not happen. As a writer and as a fan it’s a bit irritating to realize just how many stories don’t make it to the big screen largely because people can’t seem to agree on the script and what should go in it and where. Granted there is a lot of agreement that has to go into a script to make sure that everything is covered and the story is worthy of being put up on the big screen, but the thought that it takes so little to just put a script down and let it collect dust for so long is kind of, well, silly. There are a lot of ideas out there however and trying to sort them all out by merit is kind of tough.

There was an idea to include the Transformers.

In some ways this works but in others it seems to backfire. In the comics it was interesting for a while but it never really seemed to click the way it should have. This is highly dependent on the opinions of fans that have grown up with both franchises and have seen them interact more than once throughout their history. Obviously the Autobots and the Joes would likely make a great team, but if the Decepticons and COBRA ever stopped vying for power they would be a very lethal force that the Autobots and Joes might not be able to beat. This is all assuming that Michael Bay will ever be done with Transformers however, since such an idea would need to wait until he managed to stand down and stop making Transformer movies.

So far it seems that the idea to make a G.I. Joe 3 is one that is going to be acted on sooner or later but the 2020 release date seems like something that got tossed up in the air to tease the viewers. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t.

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