Archangel vs. Hawkman: Who Wins?

There are a few opinions of how such a fight would turn out, but a lot of them tend to point to Archangel, one of the original X-Men, taking this fight thanks to his maneuverability in the air and the simple fact that his wings are attached to him, and not strapped on by a harness. Some fans would still say otherwise since Hawkman is no pushover, but at the same time, he’s not known for being nearly as agile in the air since like it or not, he doesn’t have to endure the presence of his wings at all times. The kind of speed blitz that Archangel could perform on Hawkman makes this fight feel almost unfair, but when one factors in the idea that the DC hero has his own weapons that could help out at one point or another it becomes easier to see how he might even things out since he’s not the type that will sit still and act like an armored tank. But still, there’s a good bet that Archangel is going to put a serious hurting on Hawkman since there are simply too many ways that he could gain the advantage, and most of them involve ripping the wings from Hawkman’s back. 

When it comes to their strength, Hawkman definitely comes out ahead, but in terms of speed, Archangel is faster and his wings are for more than just flight. The fact that he can launch razor-sharp pinions at his opponents or use the edges of his wings to slice through objects is a great advantage that Hawkman doesn’t utilize since like it or not, his wings are primarily for flight. They might be able to come in handy for other uses, but as his own appendages, Archangel’s wings are bonded to him in a way that offers a much greater connection since the fact is that Hawkman is very adept at using his wings, but Archangel is an expert. This is a guy that can flex and use his wings, be it as weapons, a shield, or for their most obvious use, flight. 

The question of who uses their wings in the most efficient manner isn’t really up for debate since Archangel takes this category. When it comes to intelligence it would appear that Hawkman has the edge, and is also far more durable. In a hand to hand match, there’s no doubt that Archangel would find himself a little outmatched in a few ways, but he’s also proven to be dangerous in his own right since he’s not always as stable as he needs to be, and could easily fly off the hook. Plus, in a close-quarters match, his wings are still just as dangerous since his control over them is so absolute that he’s taken on a number of heroes and villains face to face without having to use his flyby tactics. Those that know anything about him know that Warren isn’t the greatest fighter ever, but he’s still someone that can use what he has in order to carry a fight. Against Hawkman though, his greater speed and distance attacks would be far more effective since while the DC hero is fully capable of fighting an aerial battle, he’s still going to be outmatched unless he can find a way to turn the battle in his favor. 

A big problem with this is that while Warren isn’t quite as intelligent as Hawkman, he still has enough training and experience under his belt to know how to turn the tide of battle when he needs to. One has to remember that Archangel is an X-Man, and one of the originals, and has trained in the Danger Room with his fellow mutants. He’s also taken on some of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel universe and survived. As part of a team, he’s usually far more effective, but on his own, Archangel is still an opponent that doesn’t need to be underestimated since he has a pair of natural weapons that can swing a fight in his favor very quickly. Against heavy hitters, on his own, Archangel begins to see his efficiency drop since his bladed pinions won’t work against everyone. But against Hawkman, it would be easy to think that he might be able to stand his ground and even force the winged DC hero into a corner. 

This isn’t a matter of Archangel stomping Hawkman by any means since the fight is a lot more even than some might think, but it does feel that Archangel would still pull out the win. This is because, as I mentioned in the beginning, Archangel’s wings are attached, and they respond quickly and far more efficiently to his whims. Severing the harness that holds Hawkman’s wings in place would make the fight uneven in a very big hurry. 

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