10 Things You Didn’t Know about April Rose Pengilly

10 Things You Didn’t Know about April Rose Pengilly

It’s not that uncommon for someone to come onto our radar as a major sensation from down under. Americans love Australians. Maybe it’s the accent. Maybe it’s the talent. We don’t know what it is, but it’s not that common to find people who are not fascinated with all things Australian, including model April Rose. You probably don’t know her by her full name, which is April Rose Pengilly, but we know you know her from her working name. She’s someone we thought you might want to get to know a bit more about.

1. She’s an 80s Girl

She certainly doesn’t look like it, though. She appears a lot younger than she really is, and that’s something we know she appreciates. She was born on April 12, 1988, so she’s not old. She’s only 32, but that’s old compared to so many models who are so young, still.

2. She’s Got Famous Parents

Her parents are quite famous. Her mother is a designer. Her name is Karen Hutchinson. Her father, however, is a member of INXS. His name is Kirk Pengilly, and everyone knows him. He’s a household name, especially in Australia, so she knew before she became famous what it was like to grow up in the spotlight.

3. She’s From Sydney

She spent most of her childhood in Sydney, so she’s a true Australian. She’s been there most of her life, though she’s not there as often now as an adult as she was when she was a child. She went to an all-girls school while she was there. Ut was called the Wenona School, but she decided her modeling career was better than her education, and she did not pursue her education. It worked for her.

4. She Started Modeling Young

She was only in year 12 of her school when she began modeling. She was something of an instant success, and she began booking jobs left and right. This is part of the reason she chose not to pursue a secondary education in college, though she might be one of those women who goes back at some point in the future to say she did.

5. She Doesn’t Use her Last Name for a Good Reason

She chooses to use her name, April Rose, rather than her last name in her professional life for a very good reason. She’s not looking to have her name constantly used alongside her father’s name, and we get that. We have to assume she wants to say she made it in her career using her own merit and not nepotism.

6. She’s Dated Someone Seriously

Fans believe she and James Jennings began dating in 2016. They couple were rumored to be dating for some time before their relationship was confirmed. They were spotted together many times before they made any red carpet appearances together, but it might appear to many that they are no longer together. They haven’t been on a red carpet together in some time, and she’s actually been spotted with another man on the red carpet and in photos a lot lately.

7. She’s a Dog Lover

Who doesn’t love a dog lover? She’s got her own dog, and that dog is a huge part of her life. She has a chihuahua, and that’s a very sweet dog for someone who loves them so much.

8. She’s Close to Her Mom

Earlier in 2020, she shared a lovely photo of herself as an infant sleeping next to her mother in bed. It is a classic new mom photo, and it’s darling. She wished her mother a happy birthday while lamenting on the fact that she could not be with her on her special day due to the global pandemic keeping everyone apart from their families and their loved ones.

9. She’s A Big Fan of Her Coworkers

She’s been part of a soap in Australia for some time now. It’s called Neighbours, and she clearly loves her coworkers. She share so many photos of them on her Instagram feed, and she clearly enjoys working with them, hanging out with them, and being around them. That must be a very special situation.

10. She’s Maybe Dating Someone New?

She is a woman who works hard to keep her private life as private as possible, but we are all wondering if she and Kingswood band member Alex Laska might have a relationship going on right now. She posted many photos of them with his arms around her from New Year’s Eve 2019 on her social media pages, and they were spotted taking photographs together on the red carpet at the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Glamour on the Grid Party in early March 2020.

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