Discovering Buffie Purcelle: 10 Intriguing Facts About the ‘Married to Medicine’ Star

Discovering Buffie Purcelle: 10 Intriguing Facts About the ‘Married to Medicine’ Star

Discovering Buffie Purcelle: 10 Intriguing Facts About the ‘Married to Medicine’ Star

Buffie Purcelle, the American reality star, gained popularity after her appearance on the reality television series “Married to Medicine.” As the wife of Dr. David Purselle, a practicing psychiatrist in Atlanta, Georgia, she not only stands by her man but also assists him in running his practice. However, there’s more to Buffie than meets the eye. Delving into her past and personal life, we’ve uncovered 10 fascinating facts about Buffie Purcelle that fans might not know.

1. A Finance Professional with Two Decades of Experience

Buffie Purcelle has spent over twenty years as a tax and personal finance expert, offering guidance to clients who need help navigating the tax world and managing their personal finances. Far from relying solely on her husband’s support, Buffie has earned her own income as an independent woman who just happens to be married.

2. A Serial Entrepreneur with a Passion for Helping Women

Buffie is a serial entrepreneur, having started numerous businesses throughout her career. While she’s experienced both successes and failures, her current passion lies in helping women become successful in their own ventures. Impressively, Buffie is open about her past failures and shares the lessons she’s learned from them.

3. Tax Preparation: A Family Tradition

Buffie is a third-generation tax professional, following in the footsteps of her parents and grandparents. She’s not only carrying on the family tradition but also excelling in the field.

4. A Firm Believer in Seeing the Good in People

Buffie strives to see the good in people rather than focusing on the negative. She believes that everyone has their flaws, but it’s important to look for the positive aspects in others. This optimistic attitude is her official motto and makes her a joy to be around.

5. A Self-Made Woman with Her Own Wealth

Although Buffie is married to a successful psychiatrist, she is a hard-working businesswoman in her own right. In addition to helping her husband with his Atlanta practice, she assists him with a telemedicine practice in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they spend half of the year. Buffie also runs her retail tax and financial management business while managing two medical practices.

6. A Devoted Dog Lover

Buffie and David are proud pet parents to two dogs, Louie and Prada. While they don’t have any human children, they share a close relationship with their three nephews, Terrence, Aiden, and Jalen.

7. A Proponent of Fabulous Frugality

When Buffie hosted a Fab and Frugal party for the MTM ladies at her home, some were surprised by the size of her house. Despite the grandeur, Buffie continued to teach her guests how to enjoy fabulous things on a budget. She’s all about living a frugal lifestyle while still indulging in the finer things in life without breaking the bank.

8. A Self-Described Job Creator

As a serial entrepreneur, Buffie prefers to describe herself as a “job creator.” She maintains her accounting practice while managing several other businesses simultaneously. She is also the founder of a small business management firm called Buffie, LLC, and runs several other companies. With her brilliant and analytical mind, Buffie excels at generating ideas and making them work. It’s likely that she’s a skilled judge of character who hires talented staff to help manage her multiple ventures.

9. A Home Renovation Enthusiast

Despite their busy schedules, Buffie and David find time to renovate homes and rental properties. They own several properties and always have work to be done.

10. A Charitable and Caring Individual

Buffie dedicates time to support various charities, having volunteered for the Partnership Against Domestic Violence and the Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure Foundation. She also serves as an image consultant for the local chapter of Dress for Success. Buffie believes in and supports numerous other charities, both financially and with her time. While she may spread herself thin, her big heart and caring nature are truly admirable. She’s also one of the best time managers in the world.

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