Appreciating the Versatile Career of Brad Bird

It’s all too easy to ignore those that are behind the camera and aren’t always seen or even heard from when it comes to various movies but when you do take a look at them finally it’s easy to see that they’re every bit as impressive as others that have made the movies they’ve worked on so great. Brad Bird is one of those individuals that many people might not know about, but he’s done great things with his career at this point and has for the most part earned his respect and distinction in show business a few times over. One of the most impressive things about him is that he knew what he wanted to do at a fairly early age and didn’t deviate from it as he grew up, getting into animation and also getting himself known by Disney early on, which is a humongous deal if you really think about it since so many people try and don’t succeed to break into the business that trying to list them all would be impossible. Those lucky few that do see the ring and want to reach for, and actually do, are those that have something that the rest of us just don’t seem to possess, at least when it comes this type of career.

Bird has been an animator and a director for some time now and has been behind some of the most loved movies in Hollywood. Plus, the guy was actually awarded a scholarship by Disney to attend California Institute of the Arts, so it’s kind of obvious that the corporation had a good deal of interest in this individual and wanted to see what he could do. Honestly it does take a good deal of work to get a scholarship sometimes, especially one that you really happen to want, so it’s evidence that Bird was willing to go quite a ways in getting what he wanted and managed to get it. And lo and behold he became an animator and a director, going on to make his debut with The Iron Giant, a movie that a lot of people still love to this day. He’s also directed Ratatouille, The Incredibles and its sequel, Tomorrowland, and Mission:Impossible-Ghost Protocol. That’s kind of a jump from kids’ movies, but considering that Ghost Protocol was pretty good, I think so anyway, it would appear that he’s a very talented and versatile individual that knows how to switch it up now and again. And on top of that he’s more than just working stiff that likes what he does, he’s a celebrated Academy award winner as well.

The list of awards he’s won is a long and very impressive one, but a lot of people would probably focus first and foremost, if not entirely, on his two Oscars since quite honestly that’s what tends to get heads to turn and eyes to widen since the golden statues are hard to come by and tend to raise the estimation of a lot of people considerably. From a personal standpoint they give a person something else to put on their shelf to admire and to remind them that they did something wonderful, but it can be said that some of the people that win said awards have actually earned them. I would put Brad in that category largely because being behind or in front of the camera is all work, but being behind it and making sure everything is running smoothly has to be one of the hardest jobs on the set. That’s not to say that others don’t work hard on a movie set or on a movie, period. But let’s be honest here, directors are basically like ship captains in that they have to know pretty much everything about the ship they’re sailing, whether certain people are doing their job, if certain parts of the metaphorical ship are functioning as they should, and if everything is working together to create a smooth voyage. Bird is one of the many that has to know that his project is running the way it needs to and the idea of this much pressure being laid on one person, with many people to help ease the process, can’t be all the easy. But he’s done it, and he’s been rewarded for numerous times since people have enjoyed his movies immensely throughout the years.

He’s actually been tapped for other projects throughout the years that he has either turned down or had to walk way from since he was already busy with something else, so it’s kind of interesting to see that he’s in this much demand that people are actively trying to recruit him. At this point if people are still doing this you could chalk it up to his two Oscars and/or numerous awards, but honestly it just seems like he’s a safe bet to be a valued asset on any project.

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