Why You Should Check Out “An Apology to John Stamos”

So before anyone gets too worried that John Stamos seems to be taking over Netflix or acting like it’s his personal mission to humble them in any way, just know that it was a very elaborate April Fool’s joke and was in fact masterminded by Stamos. This apology video is just another extension of the prank and it was pulled off pretty masterfully until the camera panned out and showed John standing stern and foreboding in the background. And then it kind of lost all credibility as a real incident when he handed Ted Sarandos a piece of paper insisting that he read it. At that point it became more like a Primetime drama than anything, but it still carried enough humor beneath the act to make a lot of people roll their eyes and grin. So yeah, it was all in good fun and it is kind of an interesting attempt at humor that many people seemed to have taken seriously until it was debunked and passed around as a joke. One thing you should be able to know about Stamos at this point, after all these years in the business, is that while he does have the look of a guy that could be arrogant and hotheaded, he’s usually been pretty even-handed with people and has even gone out of his way to be a nice guy. There are moments in film and on TV however when he’s been seen to be an arrogant jerk and somehow the part fits him to tee, such as the episode on Law & Order SVU when he guest-starred as a serial abuser that had 21 children, all by different women.

He’s not a bad guy.

Stamos might not be everyone’s particular favorite when it comes to acting but at the very least he’s just another actor attempting to do their job and insure that he’s able to stick around for a while. What he’s like off screen and away from the public is anyone’s guess and his own business, but for all intents and purposes he’s not the kind of guy that would bully anyone into speaking a public apology on camera. This prank is actually pretty tame compared to some that have been pulled off in the past, as the leak about it would indicate. Yes, that’s right, the prank footage was ‘leaked’ by the same people making it so that it would go viral and no doubt confuse a lot of people. And likely it did before it was revealed to be a big hoax, but at the very least the reveal was issued quickly and wasn’t drawn out any longer than it needed to be.

That wasn’t the end of the prank.

On top of this video there were a couple of other effects that were initiated as the Netflix menu changed for a brief time to reflect a more Stamos-esque approach to their categories, such as:

  • Popular Like John Stamos Was in High School
  • TV Comedies That Manage to Be Funny Even Though Stamos Isn’t in Them
  • Reality TV John Stamos Totally Watches But Denies It if You Ask Him
  • Action & Adventure John Stamos Enjoys With His Bros
  • Classic Movies That Have Aged as Gracefully as John Stamos
  • Horror Movies That Give John Stamos the Heebie-Jeebies
  • Independent Films Starring Actors Less Rich & Famous Than John Stamos

The prank even went on to include a false promo to a program that would be a documentary of John Stamos. Some people might have gotten excited at this prospect but the fact is that it’s not at all real and is just another part of the prank.

You can still see him on Netflix.

Fuller House will be kept by Netflix after all and it’s able to be accessed at all times. There’s still plenty of John Stamos to be seen of course and there’s no telling how many other movies might be featured on Netflix that might include him as well. The guy has been a star for a while now and a very popular star at that so there’s no need to think that he’s doing all this just because he needs more exposure or to promote himself. It’s John Stamos for crying out loud, his name makes people stand to attention all on its own most times. But give him props for coming up with a prank that made people wonder if he’d gone off his rocker and decided to lay into Netflix for daring to deny him a chance at his own show. If such a program did ever come to mind it would no doubt be handled in a much different manner. Plus you might almost expect it to be when he’s a lot older and ready to retire.

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