Chip and Joanna Gaines Now Have Their Own TV Network

Chip and Joanna Gaines took their fame a little further than a lot of those on the HGTV network did as they’ve now come up with their own network, titled the Magnolia Network. A lot of shows have come and gone on HGTV but this is one of those that was a little different despite being very similar in that it was all about home renovation. With Chip and Joanna however it became a little more fun to go along with the transformation since Chip has always been portrayed as kind of a goof that loves to have a good time while making someone’s dream come true. It might have seemed tiring for Joanna at times since Chip was kind of like a big kid now and again, but thus far they’ve made it work by expanding past their own show and taking on the huge responsibility of their own network that already has its first show being presented by a couple that they’ve had dealings with in the past. Sara Belcher from Distractify has more to say on this subject if you want to read on.

Not being a true HGTV buff it’s hard to get psyched about something like this but it would appear that Chip and Joanna are doing quite well now that they’ve moved on and up. It sounds as though their channel is going to be a multi-network thing as there will be other ways to access it besides a mere cable subscription, but details still seem to be kind of fuzzy. Considering that it’s not going to really debut until 2020 it’s kind of easy to assume that any and all kinks will have been worked out by then. As of now however it’s very easy to think that the couple are making themselves as ready as they can for the launch and are looking forward to the coming moment when they can fully and rightly claim that they’ve done what few in their position seem capable or ambitious enough to do. Plenty of people on the HGTV network have their own shows and a great deal of creative freedom to do what they want, but this is a big step above the rest that the couple are taking to insure that they have something even more that will give them a great deal of responsibility but also something that will continue to cement their place in the HGTV family and help them become established as their own entity when it comes to TV. Cydney Henderson of USA Today has more to offer on this.

Upon first watching this show I’ll admit that it looked like a lot of the rest with different faces and the goal of making someone’s dream home into exactly what they wanted. It had a different feel than a lot of the others but essentially it was the same since there’s a person doing the heavy lifting and a person doing the conceptualizing and that pays more attention to details than the structural side. Of course Chip and Joanna work with a team that helps them out since doing all this on their own would be next to impossible no matter how good they are. But all in all they’ve created a brand that has managed to get a great deal of attention and has distinguished itself as something entirely different no matter the similarities. It feels right to say that a lot of these shows tend to borrow elements from one another now and again but they do this in a manner that is less obtrusive and tends to allow them the illusion that they’re one hundred percent different than each other. For instance the Property Brothers work on the brother angle obviously and it’s been seen that they rely heavily on technology when it comes to detailing just how the home is going to look and what will go where. Joanna does much the same but the feel of it and her presentation are still a bit different, just enough that it can be distinguished.

One thing that can’t really be differentiated between the homes are the structural issues that come up in each show since if you’re working with older homes there’s a good chance that you’re going to run into one problem or another that can come from old and outdated practices or from those that didn’t know what they were doing fashioning haphazard homes together in an attempt to simply get it built. Each and every problem that’s ever cropped up has been dealt with on the show, but it’s a good bet that we’ve only been shown a bit of the problem and not the whole thing. That’s the magic of the show however, we get to see the issue and then get to see it fixed later on like it was no big deal. Michelle Kapusta of the CheatSheet has a few thoughts of her own on the various shows that HGTV has given rise to.

Hopefully Chip and Joanna will be able to take a new network and create a bit of magic with it, as they definitely seem to know what they’re doing.

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