10 Things You Didn’t Know about Anupama Parameswaran

Her name is Anupama Parameswaran, and her job is to entertain her fans with her talented acting abilities. She’s an Indian actress who has graced the screen with her talents since 2015, and her fan base continues to grow exponentially. She’s not just talented, she’s also a huge commodity in the press. She’s always being photographed and talked about in the tabloids, though so much of what is said about her is only speculation. She’s someone fans want to know more about, and we are here to bring you the information you’re looking for about the lovely actress.

1. She Went to College

She keeps a lot of her personal life to herself, but we do know she attended college. She attended the CMS College Kottayama, which is in Kerala. She was a Communicative English major. While we might not know much about that particular major, we do know that she decided not to pursue her education until she finished. She left to get into the acting business.

2. She’s Very Appreciative

If she’s one thing, she’s appreciative. She loves her fans, and she knows it’s because of her fans that she is where she is in life right now. She’s the kind of woman who likes to show her appreciation and her fan base the love that she feels for them in return for them showing the love they have for her.

3. She Did Not Run Away to Get Married

There was a rumor going around recently that she was running off to get married to a cricket player by the name of Jasprit Bumrah, but her mother says this is not so. She just so happens to be going out of town to do a shoot, but fans are convinced it is so she can secretly wed this man.

4. She’s Got a Massive Following

This young actress has more than 8 million followers on Instagram alone. She’s got many fans who love her and want to see her succeed. She only began to make a name for herself back in 2015, and her celebrity grew quickly. There is something about her that fans adore, and they cannot seem to get enough of her.

5. She’s Particular

There’s some speculation that her very particular nature is why she’s gotten so famous so quickly. She doesn’t take a role just to take a role. She’s not going to star in something just to say she’s a star in a film. She’s making sure that her roles are very specific, and that they are the kinds of roles that work for her and with her particular skillset. She’s not just going to do something for the sake of having a job in any capacity.

6. She’s Sometimes Overwhelmed

Having such fame and so many people who know all about her is sometimes overwhelming for her. She’s just a regular young woman with a life to live, and it’s hard for her to believe sometimes that she’s become so famous. She has to face it every day, and it never fails to amaze her how far her life has come and what she’s been able to accomplish at this point in her life.

7. She Knows She Can’t Do Anything about Trolls

The internet, if you are not familiar with the term trolls, is filled with people who hide behind unidentifiable user names and stock photos that are not of them, and they say horrible things to people. These are things 99.9 percent of these people would never say to someone in real life, but the anonymity of being unidentifiable on the internet gives them a lot of false bravery. This is one actress who knows that there’s nothing she can do about hateful people like this, so she just tries to do her best to ignore them when they come after her.

8. She’s Been Hacked

Back in 2020, someone hacked her Facebook account and took her face and photoshopped it on the bodies of women wearing very little clothing. This is not like the actress at all. She’s normally clothed in modest attire, and she was not happy to find that someone else was over on her page doing things like this. She took back control of her account and referred to the person who hacked her as a creep…she’s not wrong.

9. She’s Very Private

Something else she is as a person is very private. Her life is her life. She’s happy to share what she wants to share with her friends and followers, but she’s not sharing too much. She likes to keep things to herself, and that’s important when you live so much of your life in the spotlight.

10. She and Her Cricketer Friend are Just Friends

There are marriage rumors circulating the internet like crazy, and it’s been years she’s been hearing that she’s romantically involved with her cricket playing friend. However, she has made it clear time and time again that they are just friends. Of course, we don’t know for certain that’s true. They are very private people, so we would not be surprised if they were certainly more than that. However, her business is her business.

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