Anne With an E: 6 Things Fans May Have Missed About Cole

Anne With an E: 6 Things Fans May Have Missed About Cole
Anne With an E: 6 Things Fans May Have Missed About Cole

Anne With an E garnered quite the attention in a short span. The loose adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables” first came out in 2017 with a three-season run. With 27 episodes released so far, this article dives into things you may have missed about Cole.

Until Anne with an E season 2, Anne, played by Amybeth McNulty, was the absolute star of the show. However, out of the blue, Cole Mackenzie entered, adding a whole new dimension to the show. Interestingly, and this may shock those who haven’t read the novel, Cole was created solely for Anne With an E

1. Cole Is the First Queer Character on Anne With an E

Anne With an E cole 

Amidst the characters in Anne With an E, Cole emerges as a beacon of representation. While the show had technically introduced queer characters previously, such as the school teacher and Aunt Jo, Cole becomes the first to be explicitly indicated as such. With unyielding pride, he boldly asserts his identity at Aunt Jo’s party, reminding us of the importance of self-expression and being true to oneself.

For example, when the game demands him to kiss a girl in the Netflix original show, he bravely refuses, breaking free from societal expectations. It’s a powerful moment that showcases his unwavering truth. What’s remarkable is that Cole’s connection with Anne transcends the realm of romance. Sharing a kiss symbolizes acceptance, devoid of any romantic intentions. 

2. He Never Hangs Out with the Boys

Anne With an E: 6 Things Fans May Have Missed About Cole

While fans might not have initially noticed, keen observers, would have glimpsed Cole gracefully navigating his way into the realm of the girls. Despite the boundaries attempting to keep them apart, Cole mingles with the girls before class and even shares lunches with them. In doing so, Cole becomes a symbol of quiet defiance. 

His presence challenges the notion that rigid gender roles must dictate friendships and interactions. In subtle rebellion, audiences witness the power of acceptance and the breaking down of barriers. Therefore, Cole’s ability to bridge the divide between genders highlights the beauty of authentic connections.

3. Cole Is the First Boy Anne Opens Up To

Anne With an E: 6 Things Fans May Have Missed About Cole

In Anne With An E, boys often find themselves at odds with Anne’s spirited nature. They are constant reminders of the limitations placed upon her as a girl.  Anne even deems herself intellectually superior to her male counterparts.

Yet, an exception emerges — Cole. An enigmatic figure, he resonates with Anne profoundly, an undeniable “kindred spirit.” Like Anne, Cole embodies qualities that defy the confines of societal expectations. Through this lens of shared experiences, Cole becomes the first boy to weave his way into Anne’s heart effortlessly, devoid of judgment. In him, Anne discovers a companion who understands the complexities of being an outsider.

4. He’s the Odd One Out in His Family

Anne With an E Cole

In Anne With An E, Cole shines as a remarkable misfit not just in the grand scheme of the show but even within his own family. While his family doesn’t receive much screen time, the glimpses fans catch reveal a stark contrast between them and Cole. They are a family of farmers deeply rooted in practical pursuits. Their world revolves around tilling the soil and tending to their crops.

In their eyes, artistry and self-expression appear unfamiliar, leaving little room for acceptance. On the other hand, Cole radiates a vibrant artistic identity that dances beyond the boundaries of convention. Cole’s identity, including his likely sexuality, is also a beacon of difference not readily welcomed within their traditional beliefs. 

5. He Breaks Social Etiquette

Anne With an E: 6 Things Fans May Have Missed About Cole

Cole navigates treacherous waters as his actions align more closely with what is expected of the female students. His genuine interest in Anne’s hairstyle or engaging in activities often reserved for girls makes him a target for ridicule from classmates and teachers. This way, Cole challenges the expectations placed upon him as a male through his gentle demeanor and interests.

Cole is a mirror image of Anne in his pursuit of breaking social etiquette. Viewers witness their resilience to stay true to themselves, even in the face of adversity. Their journeys become a testament to the power of authenticity. 

6. Cole Chooses His Battles in Anne With an E

Anne With an E: 6 Things Fans May Have Missed About Cole

Throughout Anne with an E, the world’s weight bears down upon Cole’s shoulders. A life confined by limited means, his poverty leaves him with a constrained path. His identity as a gay individual, an inherent part of his being, is deemed unacceptable by societal norms. However, he continues to preserve as a gentle artist in a town that reveres the practical.

In several scenes, there is turmoil within his heart, which is fueled by frustration and the desire to wage war against a world hell-bent on containing him. In these brief moments, fans catch a glimpse of a battle brewing, ready to fight with Billy in the classroom. Yet, in the heat of the moment, a transformative realization dawns upon Cole. The futility of the fight becomes painfully apparent to him. Cole imparts invaluable wisdom to audiences far beyond his years, making Anne with an E one of the best period dramas everyone should watch.

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