10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angell Conwell

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angell Conwell

Angell Conwell

For most couples, they are strangers on set, before falling in love as they act. However, Angell Conwell, famously known for her role in “Family Time,” first fell in love with Omar and later co-starred with him on the sitcom. Her acting career has been fruitful because she now boasts of a $2 million net worth, and since it is her only craft, she is not giving it up any time soon. Get to know more about this actress who made history in Seven Oaks Elementary School by becoming the first African-American president of the student body.

1. Omar Gooding was her first serious boyfriend

By the time most girls reach 20, they usually have had many heartbreaks, but Angell kept herself away from the dating scene. However, when she was 18, Omar Gooding swept her off her feet, and being her first love, she must have fallen head over heels in love with him. They, therefore, dated for four and a half years before finally going their separate ways. In spite of the split, the actress will always have love for him.

2. She is guarded

Angel is not the type of woman to hook up with a guy immediately after meeting him. She has had bad experiences with past relationships that lasted longer than they should have because she did not take any action. The actress has since learned to protect her energy and only reserves it for those Angell deems worthy. Therefore as much as she wants a companion to start a family with, Angell is careful about who she lets in her heart because when it happens again, she most probably wants it to be for keeps.

3. She sticks to her goals

Some people will do something not because they are passionate about it, but due to impulsive habits. Angell is not like that; once she sets her mind on one thing, no matter how long it takes to achieve it, she will not be swayed by anything that might appear more appealing. As a result of this personality trait, even when other actresses juggled their acting careers with other income-generating activities, Angell remained rooted in the television industry. Consequently, all she has ever done is acting thus cannot claim to have any other skills as she told Madamenoire.

4. Her funniest moment on the set of “Wash.”

If you thought inhaling second-hand smoke does not affect you, then you are sadly mistaken. Angell recalls one day while on the set of “Wash” when she could not help but keep giggling. Furthermore, in between scenes, Angell complained of being hungry, which also was not normal for her. It is only later that she realized that the smoking scene that was happening on the set had affected her. At the time, she was only 17, and while the rest were nervous, Angell could not control her laughter, which only added to their anxiety.

5. Her family has been watching “The Young & The Restless” since she was born

“The Young & The Restless” may not be like “Days of Our Lives,” which is the longest-running daytime soap opera, but it comes close. It has been airing since 1973 and so far has 46 seasons. Angell’s family has been a fan of the series since before she was born, so they must have been excited when she joined the cast. For Angell, being on the show never crossed her mind, but the character she was supposed to play endeared her to the role.

6. She googled terminologies to use for her lawyer character

Actors have been known to do everything possible to portray the character they have booked ideally, be it losing weight, adding extra pounds, growing long hair, or having fake tattoos. For Angell, the character in the soap opera “The Young & The Restless” is a lawyer. As a committed actress, she wanted the legal terms she used in the show to not sound rehearsed. Therefore after googling them, she began using them in everyday conversations.

7. She wishes happiness for everyone

If Angell were to be given a time capsule in which to leave something, she would want it to be filled with happiness. She believes we have all had it rough and could use a break. Her wish originates from her lack of happiness; Angell used to only think of making it through hard times and never bothered to be happy. Once you have experienced something terrible, you cannot want someone else to have it; now that she knows the true meaning of happiness, she wants everyone else to experience it.

8. She is an only child

Angell disclosed that she is an only child, joining the list of many other celebrities like Lea Michele, Drew Barrymore, and Charlize Theron. Having no siblings has its perks, no fighting over toys, or parents’ attention. However, having no one to interact continually with has its impact on children as it did on Angell. The actress admitted to being a shy person and only opens up once she is in front of the cameras. However, it is not easy to tell of her shyness since, as she says, she hides it well.

9. She wrote an episode of “Family Time.”

Angell’s talents go beyond being on cameras. She also is a great scriptwriter, as evidenced by her work in the sitcom “Family Time.” According to Tell-Tale TV, she wrote the episode titled “Merry Kwanzaa” which to her was a privilege. For her, the sky is the limit, and she revealed she not only wanted to write and act but also diversify her skillset to directing and producing.

10. She avoids a lot of screen time

If there is one question that parents dread whenever they visit a child care expert is how much screen time the children get. In today’s world, where everyone is busy trying to make an extra dollar, television sets have replaced nannies since the cartoons keep the children preoccupied as parents go about their business. Of course, it has adverse effects on the brain, and Angell is not ready to have her mental capacity to go down the drain. Therefore she avoids spending too much watching television lest her creativity is adversely affected.

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