Remember When Ally Walker Was in the Movie “Singles?”

Remember When Ally Walker Was in the Movie “Singles?”

Remember When Ally Walker Was in the Movie “Singles?”

Ally Walker has one of those faces that when you see her you can’t help but go “I know her! I’ve seen her before!” though perhaps with not so much gusto or maybe more, depends on you. But the point is that since the movie Singles she’s been pretty steady with her career and has managed to maintain a presence within the spotlight. As the years have passed her career seems to have kind of gone up and down a bit, mostly due to what she can get versus what she wants. But she’s shown up in a lot of shows either for one episode or for an extended run and has been seen to do a great job either getting the audience on her side or making them hate her with a passion. Below are just a few clips from her otherwise extensive career that show how she’s kind of evolved throughout the years and why she’s worth checking out in the current day.

Universal Soldier

This came out in the same year that Singles did so it was worth mentioning. Also it was considered to be a standout role since she got to get on screen with not one but two great action stars of the time, Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. Both men were reanimated soldiers that had died in Vietnam and were being used as specialized weapons to take down terrorist threats within America’s borders. Her role as a hard-nosed and very risk-driven journalist was kind of over the top but at the very least was something that added a bit of flavor to the film and even a bit of comedy since she was so out of her league when it came to dealing with the soldiers that she didn’t know how to react most of the time. There was a sequel to this movie but apparently her character had passed away after having given birth to a daughter and marrying Van Damme’s character. All in all her role in this movie was what helped to round it out since otherwise it would have been non-stop action without any real human presence in it.


This film was pretty much about Generation Xer’s and what it was like trying to get by in life while trying to find someone to share your life with and contemplating what it was like to have someone or just have someone right then. The whole idea of being together was taken to a familiar level that a lot of people in that era didn’t know how to deal with on a constant basis and had to guess just to get by. It’s kind of the same now but in many ways it’s different simply because the 90s seemed to be an uncertain decade and people were still finding themselves at a certain age when people in that age group today are thinking that if they haven’t found themselves or aren’t on the right path by now they’re not going to be successful. Times certainly change and so do the attitudes and expectations of people when it comes to various facets of life.

Sons of Anarchy

Agent Stahl was pretty much hated by everyone. She was by far and large one of the most crooked women in the show and at times she even made Gemma seem like a saint. If you’ve watched the show then you know very well that Stahl was gone by the end of season 3 and a lot of people were grateful. This is a woman that killed her own lover just to get herself off the hook and wouldn’t think twice about gunning anyone else down or selling them down the river to get things to go her way. Ally was entirely convincing in the making of this character, so much so that just seeing her come on the screen was enough to get some people’s ire built up in an instant despite knowing that it was just a role. That’s when you know that the actor is doing their job right, when they get people so far on their side or so against them that it’s an instantaneous reaction that people just can’t help. In the end however Opie puts several rounds into the back of her head, and her part in SoA is over.

Since then Ally has continued to act mostly in TV but she was still in film up until about 2015, and it’s always possible that she’ll go back to the big screen eventually since she’s still got the kind of talent that’s needed and she’s a lot more experienced at this point. It could be pointed out that her career didn’t really take off after Singles simply because she needed a few more roles to really get her style of acting down. But as of now she’s definitely a solid act.

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