10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angela Rummans

If you’re a fan of the Big Brother franchise, you already know a lot about Angela Rummans. She was part of the house in the 20th season, but she was not just any old part of the house. She was a mover and a shaker, and she was not someone who easily made any friends. She was considered a villain, and everyone loves a villain, do they not? She didn’t make a good first impression on very many people, but we like to think that this was just her way of playing the game and making things happen. She’s someone we want to get to know more about, so here we go.

1. She’s Young

So many people felt an instant dislike to her, but we think that a lot of that has to do with the fact that she’s still so young. She might not have all the life experience that it takes to realize that some personality traits are perfect and others are best left a little bit in the dark when it comes to interacting with people. After all, she was only born on March 23, 1992.

2. She’s Southern

One thing we think that people disliked about her, too, is her southern charm. It’s not easy for people to like someone who is gorgeous and has the privilege of being raised in the south. She’s from Hilton Head, South Carolina, which is a super-southern beach town where people go to vacation and have fun. The fact that she’s from here just makes people dislike her even more. We think it makes her awesome.

3. She’s Got a Lot of Nicknames

We love a good nickname and, in fact, she and I actually share one of her nicknames, which is yet another reason we think that people don’t like her (trust me). Princess is our common nickname. However, she also goes by Lala and Ice Queen. We have a feeling those nicknames don’t make her a fan favorite, but we adore them.

4. She’s a Model

Her occupation outside of being a reality television star is a fitness model. Yet another situation that we just know works against her. Most people are predisposed to dislike anyone who is so physically fit and gorgeous, and we find that so many people forgo giving anyone who takes care of themselves and looks good the benefit of the doubt from the start. It’s such a shame. She knows how this works; everyone assumes you’re just brainless and dumb and not really that intelligent or capable. How wrong people are.

5. She’s Strong

When she was asked to describe herself in three words, she chose strong words that we are all on board with. She chose spontaneous, headstrong, and scheming. We think all three are necessary when you choose to go into a reality situation like the one she did; otherwise, you won’t work out.

6. She’s Athletic

We mean super athletic, too. She’s a woman who spent many years as a pro track and field athlete. She trained at an Olympic training center with the Olympic team growing up, and she’s a massive fan of being a strong competitor. That’s some pretty big stuff.

7. She’s Down with Sexuality

We love this about Angela Rummans. She is perfectly aware that she is gorgeous, she is strong, and she has no problem using any of those things to get ahead in life. In a society where being too attractive or too sexual is frowned upon, she’s over here working those things that work for her to make sure she’s able to get ahead. Hey, if you’ve got it, use it, and then work it to make it to the top.

8. She’s Witty

Most people fail to realize that she is actually very quick and witty. They judge her before they have a chance to know her, and that’s such a shame. She’s the kind of woman we like the most. Funny, gorgeous, and perfectly aware of what she brings to the table.

9. She’s Charitable

She actually abides by the “Give 10 Percent” rule, and we love that. She gives away 10 percent of her income each month to a charity that she loves. She changes it up each month so that she can help out as wide and far as possible with things that matter in the world.

10. She Loves Football

So much so, in fact, that she actually tried out for her high school football team. We aren’t sure if she made it or not, but she did try out, and we love that about her. Most girls that age wouldn’t for fear of being judged or mocked or made fun of. She didn’t care.

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