Andy Serkis Talks About What Klaw Has Been Doing Since Age of Ultron

A lot of times actors don’t know what their character is up to if they happen to show up in more than one movie, but Andy Serkis is at least able to discuss what Klaw has been doing since he last appeared in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. A good many actors barely know anything about their onscreen characters other than what is necessary to complete the part. Some of them don’t remember much of anything after the movie is over as they move on to the next part and tend to let whatever they’ve done slide. It’s more or less the fact that they play the part and then go back to their normal lives, which usually means that the character they were playing is not a part of their normal routine. But Andy Serkis has at least managed to hold onto the character of Ulysses Klaue/Klaw for long enough to be able to talk about his comings and goings in relation to what he’s been doing between Age of Ultron and the upcoming Black Panther.

Serkis is the kind of actor that gladly researches his part and gets into it so fully that he could possibly answer almost any question that was thrown at him. As to the question of where Klaw has been since the Age of Ultron movie it’s pretty simple. He’s an arms dealer, and since business for these types seems to only end when they’re finally incarcerated for good or dead, he’s been on the move ever since the last Avengers movie, making shady deals with whomever he can find to do business with and causing mayhem on a scale that’s just small enough to avoid the kind of attention that he doesn’t want. He’s the type of shady character in the movies that doesn’t want widespread attention but is more than willing to cause enough damage and harm to upset the natural order of things. Klaw also doesn’t have much in the way of a relationship with anyone, though he does manage to get on the wrong side of several people throughout his stint in the comics.

It would appear that in Black Panther he’ll be up to his villainous ways yet again as he teams up with Erik Killmonger, a man that has a serious hate on for the Black Panther. Together it would seem that they are going to be fighting against T’Challa and his people for the right to rule Wakanda, which Killmonger wants because of what happened when he was a boy and his father was pressed into service by Klaw and his mercenaries. The film should be a visual spectacle to be certain but hopefully it will keep close enough to the source material that fans will be rightfully amazed. Whether Klaw will come out of this one intact or not is always up to the writers and what kind of vision the director has. One thing is for certain, the Black Panther will be making it out alive since he’s set to appear only a few months later in Avengers: Infinity War.

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