Five Movies You Totally Forgot Andy Serkis Was In

Five Movies You Totally Forgot Andy Serkis Was In

Five Movies You Totally Forgot Andy Serkis Was In

Andy Serkis is someone that’s been in the business for a while, and by this point, a lot of people might be wondering how anyone could possibly miss him in a movie. Well, there are movies that a lot of people might not know about, but apart from those, there are a few that people have watched and might have forgotten about. As distinct as his appearance and his voice are there’s still that off chance that people will forget about an actor if they’re not really paying attention to them for one reason or another, and while Serkis is definitely a popular character and someone that’s known for characters such as Gollum and Supreme Leader Snoke, and Caesar from the Planet of the Apes movies, he’s still someone that can be misplaced every now and then if only because he’s acting next to others that have a lead role while he’s a supporting or extra character. Even then it’s hard to misplace him most times, but it can still be done since the guy can be front and center, or he can kind of fade into the shadows whenever he needs to.

Here are a few movies that people might have forgotten that Andy Serkis was in.

5. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle

This one is pretty easy to forget since he did a motion capture figure as he usually does. But the voice is still recognizable as he plays the big, lovable, and essentially lazy Baloo, Mowgli’s best friend, and the guy that tries to help keep him safe. This version of the story is definitely a bit edgier since Mowgli is eventually trapped by humans and is even shunned by his jungle friends. As things are patched up eventually though they not only help him to kill the hunter that was bringing such pain and misfortune to the jungle, but also Shere Khan, who was intent on killing Mowgli and anyone that stood in his way.

4. King Kong (2005)

Andy pulled double duty on this movie since he played the cook/chef/sailor named Lumpy, and he did the motion capture for the titular ape as well. At different points in the movie both characters ended up dying off, but it was impressive to think that Serkis was playing them both since the motion capture suit does take a lot of time to get into. One has to think that between shooting his own parts as Lumpy and the motion capture that he spent a lot of time on the set and was one of the most valued individuals in the movie. Plus, the guy’s been able to master the ape walk.

3. 13 Going on 30

There are people that have watched this movie and it was something that a lot of people might have watched when they were teenagers. The whole idea is that a young girl wanted to be a grown-up so that people would treat her the way she wanted and so she could finally do what she wanted. But the drawback with being grown is that there are a lot of different milestones that a person has to hit before being a confident adult, and she missed quite a few of them. Andy kind of disappears in this movie since he doesn’t have a huge part, but he’s there when he’s needed and he’s hard to miss at that point.

2. The Prestige

He didn’t have a huge part in this movie but it was noticeable since he played Nikola Tesla’s assistant Mr. Alley, but he was easy to pick out and it was revealed that he enjoyed his role since he enjoyed working with the late David Bowie, who played the part of Tesla. This movie was definitely one that a person had to watch closely since by the end when everything is revealed, it becomes a face-palm moment since people start to wonder how they missed this or that. But during the movie there’s enough going on that people aren’t looking for the obvious, they’re looking for something monumental because they want to be amazed.

1. A Christmas Carol (2020)

His voice was used for one of the pivotal characters in the story, Marley, and it’s hard to not recognize him, but it could be that there wasn’t a lot of hype for this story. Let’s face it, 2020 was a rough year and a lot of people weren’t in a great mood, and if a movie wasn’t something they’d been waiting for over the last several months it was likely that they weren’t going to get too excited about. Plus, one has to remember how many different versions of this movie exist since a new one or two tends to come out fairly often. But it was still a great role that he nailed perfectly.

Andy Serkis is bound to be remembered as the motion capture king for a while to come.

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