Check Out The Transformers Super Bowl Trailer

I need someone to explain the Transformers franchise to me.  Seriously.  I liked the first one.  I get it.  It was cool.  It was fun.  Despite that each movie comes from Michael Bay and we all make fun of the guy, I can sort of see how they are interesting to watch.  After all, Michael Bay isn’t exactly about scripts and fine acting.  He brings the crowds exactly what they want to see in his movies: explosions, effects, and action.

Still though, Transformers?  I mean yeah it was a great cartoon and I love the toys but I just have a tough time getting behind all these movies, especially when every single one gets bad ratings.  But now?  Now you’ve got Anthony Hopkins narrating the trailer for Transformers Age of Extinction.  Is that supposed to intrigue me?  OK, it totally does and no matter how many Transformers movies there are, despite knowing full well they won’t be that good, yes I do want to see them for the effects.  What can I tell ya?

Anyway, the Transformers 4 Trailer just hit Youtube yesterday and it’s making the rounds on the internet today.  Again, I have zero expectations for this film but I’m pretty sure I’ll like the action sequences.

Enjoy the trailer below:

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