American Horror Story Has “Many More Cycles to Come”

American Horror Story Has “Many More Cycles to Come”

It would almost seem as though American Horror Story: Apocalypse, would have been the final chapter in a show that has captivated so many, but according to those in charge American Horror Story still has many cycles to run through. One might wonder just what’s left now that we’ve seen a buildup to the world-ending season that literally saw the world end, and be reborn. People have been clambering over the fact that there are still many ideas to explore, but the combination of Murder House and Coven certainly took things to a new level that wasn’t fully expected and yet delivered with thunderous and far-reaching effects. One has to wonder if there are more crossovers in store and just who will be rejoining the cast as the seasons roll on.

One of the bigger questions however is how any future stories might be affected by the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, which includes FX, by Disney. Obviously AHS and several other properties that Fox has been responsible for over the years don’t really mesh with the far more wholesome image that Disney has been known for in the past, which has caused some people to worry that we might be headed for a watered down and extremely tame version of our favorite movies and TV shows in the years to come. So far that fear is being allayed however by the mere fact that should the shows or movies be changed by the acquisition there’s a good chance that Disney will have effectively ruined any chance of having much success with something that has entertained people for years on end. In other words don’t expect things to change that much, if at all.

American Horror Story was a bit of an oddity when it first came out with Murder House, and had to truly work to find fans and get them hooked on what it was selling. But once the whole idea of the show was brought to light and then paraded forth one season after another people started picking their favorites and taking note that this show was for real and that with each new season it was obvious that connections were being made between the different shows, even if they were minute and had to be analyzed after each episode. The continued use of the same actors, notably Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, and Sarah Paulson, was something that was noticed immediately by many people, while the recurring characters and guest stars that came along were a nice addition to something that didn’t seem to need the added attraction, but definitely benefited from it. If you’ll recall celebrities such as James Cromwell, Josh Gadd, Wes Bentley, and several others have made a notable contribution to the show in different seasons, and have performed admirably.

The connection between them was made in fits and starts most of the time, but once it was noted people started spreading rumors and wondering just when one or more of the seasons would collide with one another, and how it would be brought about in a way that would make sense and offer a chilling revelation of how they blended so easily into each other. Perhaps one of the most disturbing but also disappointing seasons, Roanoke, was given a small connection to Freak Show by way of Dandy Mott, who was the ill-fated rich boy psychopath that took over the circus and was eventually drowned by those few freaks that he didn’t slaughter. The story between Coven and Apocalypse is already known, while it’s been surmised that there are other related incidents that connect the other seasons.

There’s simply too much interest to really get rid of the show now, and yet the ideas that might be rolled out are still tightly under wraps at this point since the ability to leak information and ruin the whole production is real enough that it would seem that those in charge are going to circle the wagons, so to speak, and debate about what’s going to come next and what the fans might like to see. It’s still guaranteed to be bloody, disturbing, and all around horrifying since no matter the fact that 21st Century Fox is now owned by Disney there’s still a strong desire to keep everything from being changed by the House of Mouse, especially since it’s been seen that Disney has been changing its tune ever so subtly throughout the years. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the Pirates of the Caribbean series, or better yet take a gander at the older films and then say that Disney is afraid to get a little dirty. Kids aren’t always bound to catch the off-handed jokes or really understand the more adult situations, so Disney gets away with a lot more than you’d think.
In terms of American Horror Story, there doesn’t seem to be any way they’d be able to just up and change it without a serious uproar from the fans.

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